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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"Ozo The Bozo Shafts The Poor Again Whilst Corporations Laugh All The Way To The Bank"

Jersey Budget: GST scrapping rejected

Our political correspondent Leah Ferguson outlines the Treasury Minister's proposed Budget

Jersey's politicians are currently putting up a fight against Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf's proposed Budget.

Senator Ozouf is expected to get a rough ride against his planned tax rises on alcohol, tobacco and fuel.

Today, Deputy Geoff Southern has made another attempt to have GST scrapped on food and domestic fuel - but States Members voted against his idea. 

In his Budget amendment, Deputy Southern claimed the move would be far more beneficial to struggling islanders than changing the income tax system. 

Deputy Southern is not alone on questioning the true benefit of a proposed reduction in income tax next year - a lowering of the marginal rate from 27% to 26%.

Constable Simon Crowcroft is leading the fight against the increase on alcohol duty. He says it would be bad for business.

Senator Ozouf says his Budget will help around 40,000 households and will benefit low to middle earning islanders the most.

But a scrutiny panel says the 1% will be offset by a 1% rise in social security, when a long-term care fund is introduced in 2015.

Senator Ozouf said today of his Budget: "Today's Budget debate is taking place at a time of cautious optimism. Our Budget today has been designed to put Jersey in an even greater state of readiness to take full advantage of the gradually improving global economic conditions, for the benefit of every Islander."


  1. Steady anon, we are trying to tidy things up here, your comment which I didn't publish, was a real pain in the arse!!! LOL :)

  2. they will all be crying soon for what is about to be unleashed upon them the gates to hell are about to open only the strong will survive

  3. This man is full bs. Instead of shafting the public pass him a bar of soap.

  4. I read on another blog that he is giving £13 - million to build an office block when no one wants it. He is borrowing £250 million for housing but no joined up plan has been given or cost of the money presented. Another £330 for a hospital another £21 million for a police station another £16 million for the States workers 4% wage increase in early 2014.

    When his mad spending bites and loans have to be paid back expect GST to rocket.

    Get this buffoon out.

    1. Is this comment from who I think it's from?

  5. the spirit of enquiry,given the long list of screw ups and lies he has told ..can anyone come up with a reason for him to stay or something he has done that we all beneiut from...?