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Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Obama's UBUNTU Mistake"

"Preaching What He Doesn't Practice"

Obama told the world that the UBUNTU philosophy is the one we should all follow. SO let's do just that and let's all get behind the UBUNTU movement and Political party in South Africa - 2014 elections are approaching and the UBUNTU Party will be there. Our aim is to replace the SA Reserve Bank with a people's bank that issues money for the people by the people - tax-free and interest free - while we undergo the full transition to an UBUNTU society where money is of no use at all. Join the party now and lets us create a trans-border movement of unity consciousness that will transcend all draconian laws on humanity. - We have members in 175 countries already - so we are well on our way to becoming a true voice of the people. 
Love & Light 
Michael of the family tellinger

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