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Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Miss This Video At Your Peril - Wake The Fuck Up People....NOW!!!"

So who knows how to protect themselves and their families from radiation poisoning?

I ask simply because everyone in the northern hemisphere is pretty much fucked shortly. Fukushima is pumping out so much shit we are finished unless we know how to protect ourselves. Cancer is already a trillion dollar industry because of peoples lack of intelligence and ignorance of facts, how on earth are you going to cope when Fukushima's shit hits you?

Study the video and do the research. This is potentially an extinction event.

Learn how to do a heavy metal detox, learn what substances protect your thyroid and body from radiation poisoning, try Googling Himalayan salt, nascent iodine & pyrophyllite clay.

Do something, do anything but sit there like stuffed fucking dummies!

Google Hangout with one of the most articulate and passionate advocates of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises: Dr Helen Caldicott.
Got any questions about our planet’s nuclear future, chances of Fukushima issue being tackled and pros and cons of the nuclear energy?
Come and ask Helen Caldicott, who the Smithsonian calls one of the most influential women of the 20th century, at a Google+ Hangout.

In one of her recent articles on, Helen Caldicott wrote:
“As I contemplate the future at Fukushima, it seems that the escape of radiation is virtually unstoppable. The levels of radiation in buildings 1, 2 and 3 are now so high that no human can enter or get close to the molten cores. It will therefore be impossible to remove these cores for hundreds of years if ever.”
She believes that one of the steps Japanese government should take to prevent worst case consequences is to cancel the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

And please watch the first 20 minutes of the the TPV video below.



    1. Thank you for the link anon as I have not heard about this yet. It could already be well under way as many people taking air samples of chemtrails have found dried blood in their samples. I see also that the Simian Virus 40 is mentioned!!!