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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"Maggie Tittle Tattle Tuttle & ZoopMad - More Questions Than Answers!"

"Just Who Are The Real Gatekeepers?"

ZoopMad....Jesus Saves!!!
Recently I posted a series of CHRIST-mas posts based on the life long work of that rascally scholar, Jordan Maxwell, and Zoopmad didn't like it!!!

In true Zoopmad fashion, she set about trying to belittle me via the VoiceForChildren blog, and which extracts are below.

CHRIST-mas is a complete lie, but let us rejoice in The 'SUN' of God!!!

Christ is not a lie, and I know that because he has helped me get through Pindown and Secret Family Court abuse, I cried out to Him when there wasn't anyone else there to help me and He led me to find out about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, and it was me who found out about David Rose MI5 agent, sorry if it sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet, but I have slogged my guts out researching stuff reading loads of stuff, and feel like I am being brushed under the carpet. Jesus really does exist, and so do I and whats more I am too fat to be poked under any blinking carpets! Just feel so sad that Ian Evans can have another pop at me by rubbishing Christianity, and at Christmas time too, and you all know that I am a Christian, yet everyone is ok about it, WELL I'M NOT!

Just sitting here, reading what he's posted - the second time he's posted nasty things about me in a month - feeling so very very hurt. I thought you were my friends, you all of you know I am a Christian, why can you all not see why it absolutly hurts what he's posted? I have slogged my guts out to expose the Pindown scandal, I have been so brave, and quite frankly I feel so betrayed.

If I were a Muslim what Ian Evans wrote about my God would not be tolerated. I just feel so shocked and appalled that no-one seems to see the horrible insult that is bang on target!

Stuart is an athiest, but he would NEVER have let Ian Evans post that about my Lord Jesus Christ, because he would never let one of the Pindowns be hurt with such a cheap shot. Sorry that such a bigoted remark against Christianity is considered ok on this blog.

I feel so betrayed. Why is it ok to attack Christianity, when it is absolute taboo to attack any other religion, or catagory of people? Why cant anyone see how I feel? What the hell is wrong with people - is everyone blind? I feel like I have walked into the Day of the Triffids right now!

Barbara is an absolute legend in the "against child abuse movement" especially for pissing off people who make any attempt to help child abuse victims. Just what her motives are I am to dumbfounded to even guess at anymore, let alone contemplate? What, if anything, she has personally endured in relation to the issue of child abuse, I have no idea either as not one scrap of evidence has been published that I have personally seen.

I would sincerely hope that she is a fraudster as I would not wish child abuse on any children, past or present. That said, if she is genuine then I feel deeply for her. That said also, why does she go around destroying the very fabric of the movement? Why would you drive people like Brian Gerrish and John Hemming to the point that they won't even contemplate communication with you anymore?

Even people like Brian Claire, who is so easy going, she has managed to isolate for life. Worse still, and not so long ago, she ripped into Aangirfan for (I believe) not publishing her true story. Aangirfan then set about doing a rather chronological blog of her alleged circumstances and got hammered even more by Barbara to the point where he/she took the blog posting down forever!!!

Barbara's antics now bring me to a character who goes by the name of Maggie Tuttle, just who is Maggie Tuttle? I know little about her other than a couple of video clips that I have watched, one of the most recent being aired tonight on The People's Voice/TV.

Maggie states (if my recollections are exact) that she has the name/s of renowned paedophiles who she knows but cannot speak those names unless she has at least £20,000 and whilst telling the audience that she cannot muster even 20 pence? If you have the name/s of well known and high profile paedophile/s, why would you need at least £20,000 to simply state that/those name/s in public?

Have I got it wrong?

I stand to be corrected.

The Plot Thickens!!!


  1. It is rather clear that there wasn't a direct pop aimed at Zoompad and the article should not be inferred as such. However, as freedom of speech (ha) current allows, we can question information that is presented to us as 'the facts'. And that posting was no different.

    As someone was has strong empathatic (is that really a word?) skills I can understand how something that one were to believe in to be holy (pun not intended, I'm not that clever..) and has helped someone to get through difficult times to be questioned must resonate rather deeply. However the church is made up of humans with all their\our faults. I know of a person who was beaten by the father and went to the church for help. And was turned away as they did not want to know. Oh, and the school just called the parents in and and told them to ensure that the bruises are not on show .... {fume}

    However, any open minded Christian should look into the facts as to why the 25th of December was chosen as the day Jesus was purported to have been born. History is written invariably by the winners.

    Isn't there a quote out there about it is easy to accept a lie but harder to accept that you have been lied too?

    The Beano is not The Rag

  2. Barbara has published a book called Tip about her experiences of Pindown. Yes, she alienates people left and right but like HG (the woman booted out over the Dean affair) she is autistic. That may explain a few things - I have no idea whether all her claims are true. As for Maggie, I would love to know if she's informed the police of her claims.

    1. Indeed anon, autism may explain much about Barbara but it's really not a good idea to push people away who are on her side. I met Barbara at the 2010 rally against child abuse in London and she was a really zany character who I liked so I befriended her on Face Book. It wasn't to long before she was having a pop at me and began demanding to know how Brian Claire, who wasn't at that particular rally, knew I was talking to her?

      It never occurred to Barbara that there were pictures and videos posted all over the net from that days event. Neither did it occur to Barbara that I had told Brian that I had met her and a number of other people such as David Icke, Bill & Maria Malloney, Brian Gerrish, Maureen Spalek and many others. She just got it into her head that there was a conspiracy by myself and Brian against her!

      She is a very troubled soul who I hope very much finds some peace in her life. Happy new year Barbara xxx

  3. pardon me but why are we dragging me into this when I am being ever so good? just minding my own business and staring at the fish. Happy New Year everyone. HG

  4. :) Happy new Year Ian, why is there a random mention of me? :) fame at last!
    I think it is important that people know that people with autism are unlikely to lie but often have a perspective that others do not understand, and can misunderstand neurotypical intentions quite badly.
    However this should not be used against someone with autism to say that they were not abused or they did not experience what they did. That can really cause trauma to someone with autism, as I know, being told that the truth is not, can actually be harmful to someone like me, and has been.
    People with autism and/or other conditions that affect perception can be more vulnerable to abuse than those who are neurotypical. and abuse should never be denied because of disability, abuse can affect a person for life.
    But under stress, we can get a bit volatile and out of control, under peaceful conditions we are nice and quiet as I am now, watching the fish tank.
    I was under horrendous unbearable stress in Jersey.
    Excuse the speech. all are welcome to read my blogs, even the trolls, cos I fancy a nice troll for dinner. HG