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Monday, 16 December 2013

"Lunatic Health Minister Worried About Cigarette Machines"

"An Utter Incompetent"

The mountain of mental health issues in Jersey
and Anne Pryke wants to ban cigarette machines!

When is someone going to fire this loon?


  1. This woman is a complete IDIOT

  2. Lets not get personal, but then how can we speak the truth. Anne Pryke must be one of the worst politicians ever to be elected. Building a new hospital will help Jersey, Jesus help us. Rather than waiting in pain for over a year to get an operation, rather than losing your job because the hospital cannot operate on your ill health, how is that helping the people that live on this island ?

    Helping people that need relief through medicine and Consultants doing day work as apposed to private work this is what matters. Not a sodden new hospital ?

    Not the truth you probably think, don't get non life threatening ill, without private money to pay the hospital, otherwise you will find out the hard way, and its probably going to hurt a lot.

    Thanks Anne, your out at the next elections.