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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"Looks Like Curtis Warren Won't Be Paying For Jersey's New Hospital"

Deadline day for Warren
Drugs baron Curtis Warren could be spending another ten years in prison
DRUGS baron Curtis Warren could face another decade in prison if he does not pay £198 million by today.
The Liverpool gangster was given 28 days to surrender the money after Jersey’s Royal Court last month handed down the largest confiscation order ever made in Britain.
It is understood that Warren has no intention of paying. However, his lawyer, Advocate Stephen Baker, declined to comment.
"It is understood that Warren has no intention of paying"
No intention of paying, or can't pay? Two completely different things!
So Curtis Warren gets a 23 year sentence yet no money was found, no drugs were found, and the whole system acted totally corruptly against him.
How is it that thinking about a crime (quasi) can net you 23 years behind bars? Yet stab six people to death, including 2 defenceless children, and you only get to serve 20 years?
How is it that the alleged (and invisible) £300,000 worth of cannabis suddenly turned into £1,000,000 worth of cannabis?
How is it that 3 bent cops acting illegally, get praised?
How is it that Law Officers cannot be punished for their corruption?
How is it that no one has judicially overturned this nonsense?

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  1. And how was it that a 'Drug Baron' that had made it on to the Sunday Time's Rich List was recruiting local low level criminals to raise the money for the cannabis purchase? Hmmmmm, I wonder.