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Monday, 2 December 2013

"Le Marquand & Bailhache Set To Destroy Justice Completely"

Court plan threat to trial by Jury


  1. Our best hope is intervention from Westminster,the place is out of control and needs a holding team sent to take over and restore sanity as recently happened when the Turks and Cacos islands demonstrated inability to mange their own affairs properly.we are now in political and social crisis.They can't even manage reform and ignored the legitimate vote of the people.

  2. Just imagine that bloody loony toon Magistrate Shaw sending someone for jail for 2 years simply becasue she wants to- or fining someone 20k when she has no clue whats she is doing.

    Everyday that magistrate sits their finding people guilty without evidence or justified reason. She is completely our of her league and is an incompetent member of the judiciary.

    But that's just it i hear Birt cry !!! , shes perfect for the job ching ching !

  3. every one vote these fuckers out its the only way

  4. Unfortunately anon, voting will change nothing....It never has and never will, not voting is key to change along with peaceful non-compliance.

  5. the real reason is becouse 90% of jersey have criminal record so can not sit on jury