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Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Is Robert Brown The Son Of Princess Margaret?"

Step closer for islander

An islander who believes he’s the illegitimate son of the late Princess Margaret has won an important court ruling.

Robert Brown is a step further to see the contents of the will of the Queen’s sister. The 58-year-old is seeking to prove a secret pregnancy in 1955.

Giving him leave, Mr Justice Phillips said at London's High Court there were "compelling" constitutional reasons to allow Mr Brown's legal challenge to go ahead - and that was not altered by a past Court of Appeal observation that Mr Brown's claim to be Princess Margaret's son was "scandalous and irrational".

The judge said the case gave rise "to important points of principle and practice" regarding open justice and the public interest.

Mr Brown said: "I am absolutely delighted. It is an important day for the fundamental principles of open justice and the rule of law.

"Historically it has been very clear that the monarchy should not have secret communications with the court.

"I am delighted that I have got this far and constitutional issues have been reopened and the points I have raised have been recognised as arguable."


  1. This is interesting because all UK wills giving away assets are deemed to be in the public domain. Rob Brown is arguing that if this is the law of the land why are the Royals allowed secrecy. The judge has agreed with him. Well done Rob Brown, another Stuart Syvret type character, this is really good news and will help Stuart.

    Any person with any sense may now understand why Jersey's nepotistic old fashioned and friends in arms, justice system must not only be tested but investigated.

  2. Why can't we get judges like this over here?


  4. I wonder what his twin brother has to say.............!