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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"Honorary Police To Police Dog Shit!!!"

Politician calls for wardens to police

dog mess

Campaigners for keeping the Channel Islands clean say the Bailiwicks are in a "ludicrous" situation where fines are NOT being given for dog fouling.

In Jersey, you can be fined up to £200 if you fail to clean up your dog's mess.

But no one has ever been fined in Jersey and only one person in Guernsey.

In Jersey, Constables have to catch those leaving dogs mess hanging around. Jersey Constable John Gallichan says the current system is 'unworkable'. 

He explained: "It is very, very difficult to actually police this. You can't expect Honorary Officers to be walking around cliff paths - a lot of them are busy people; they give up their time, they're business people who give up their time to serve their parish.

Jersey politician Montfort Tadier believes introducing dog wardens could be the answer.

He said: "We have parking wardens who administer fixed parking notices; you could have a similar system for littering and fouling offences, which would take care of it at a fairly low level."

Many dog walkers have told ITV News they do not believe there are enough bins in the Channel Islands. But in Jersey, the Transport Minister, who is in charge of the bins, says that in Jersey you can actually put dog mess bagged up, into any type of bin. 

Kevin Lewis explained: "It's quite acceptable now to use the general refuge bins on the street as long as the dog poo is bagged and you tie a knot in it, it can go into the general refuse and then that goes into the incinerator."

Working at Jersey's Animals Shelter, Liam says it is about being prepared. 

He explained: "It might sound obvious but it's important before you go out to make sure you've got these things on you like the poo bags and things like that. Maybe stash a couple in other places like in your car, other pockets, other jackets, and things like that. And always have more than one - have a good few."

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  1. make the dogs wear nappies fools