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Saturday, 28 December 2013

"Did Gorst Ask The People What They Wanted?"

Jersey's Chief Minister is proposing radical reforms

Jersey's Chief Minister is proposing radical reforms to the way the government is run.

Senator Ian Gorst told us "I want to bring forward changes to the machinery of government which we will hopefully do in the first quarter of next year. So that's greater powers to the Chief Minister, that's collective responsibility, it's the ability to move ministers and portfolios around in the best interests of government for Jersey, so that's a priority for the first quarter."

It's just one of a raft of plans he wants to see happen in 2014.


  1. The only radical reform ersey needs is Chief Minister to do the honourable thing and step down with most of the other string puppet Minister Thankfully, Mr Bean is already standing down from home affairs.

  2. Nothing will change until after the next election.

    And nothing will change after the next election....

    Unless reform has taken place?!

  3. I agree, the members of the council of ministers want more immigration, and hate transparency. Why would they do that because of the Switzerland bank account is not topped up ? Look at the way they are running Jersey, then stand up and say its for the good of Jersey people, and its good for democracy no chance it's all money in their back pocket. Property is the biggest earner.

    Supporters of that arse Phillip that can't read on planes, bailhailache, the truth is everything but you stupid locals cannot stop me attitude is written high but locals go back to sleep.

    The point being, Jersey you are being sold out. Smile when you read this do nothing and like the rest of the lemmings throw yourself of a cliff.

    Or phone a deputy and make an effort and save your island but most of all your self-respect

    1. The old school Beano's anon, are a breed apart, they know!!!