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Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Dark Days Are Over - What Dark Days?"

Dean: ‘Dark days are over at last’

the Dean, the Very Rev Bob Key, with his wife, Daphne
THE Dean of Jersey has spoken publicly about the dark and painful year spent fighting to clear his name.
In his first interview with the JEP since the Bishop of Winchester said he would not be taking any action over his handling of a complaint of abuse by a
churchwarden on a vulnerable woman, the Very Rev Bob Key said the past ten months had been ‘immensely painful’ but also ‘amazingly heart-warming’.

He has thanked Islanders for their support, prayers, love and care that kept him going at a time when his faith must surely have been tested.
And, following the visit of two Bishops from Lambeth and Dover, the Right Rev Nigel Stock, and the Right Rev Trevor Willmott, to Jersey yesterday, he is confident that Jersey’s Anglican Church is as strong as ever.
Bob Key has all the backbone of Ian Gorst, whinging and whining like a stuffed pig about how he has suffered, yet, how has he suffered?
Jesus H Tap-dancing Christ Bob, how will you cope when a real crisis comes along?
"Dark days are over at last"
Not for the victim H.G they're not, she is still on the streets, cold hungry and penniless, right where you and the rest of your flash Oligarchy mates left her Bob!!!


  1. Dear Lord and good God - here endeth yet another lesson in secrecy, corruption and lack of compassion for the vulnerable. Amen.

  2. silly little man

  3. '' Jersey’s Anglican Church is as strong as ever''

    here ends the lesson..

    1. If the Anglican church had any strength whatsoever, it would be putting it's hands in it's rather huge pockets and getting a bloody sizeable donation together for H.G this Christmas....

      Do let us know how much your crew raise? Many thanks

    2. Well now,what would this well upholstered,rosie cheeked fat faced fucker know about hardship,hasn't done a days work in it's puff...disgusting.

  4. Another cover up disaster for Jersey. Why in Gods name do the people just not stop the large amount of public money going to this phoney intolerant load of storytellers and charlatans.

    The rate payers decide how much the Church gets, and it should be reduced by a lot come Simon Crowcrofts next setting of the rates at the Town Hall, after a clear breakdown of amounts paid out to the church.

  5. The dark days for him are just starting, and the sooner he realises this the better!

  6. Just a thought, right of reply.

    The Dean was not able to work for two months after having his commission removed by his Bishop. He was therefore no longer the Dean for Jersey subject to a report or able to work as Dean in the States of Jersey which pays him.

    Two months represents roughly 16.5% of the year. Therefore will the Dean be deducted two months wages for not attending work in the States. 16.5% of his wage of £25,000 equates to £4,125 this must be deducted and sent along with the growing Xmas card fund to HG that the Dean is collecting, being a good and christian man that his supporters claim he is.

    If his friends in the states like Bailhache and Gorst refuse to dock him, then maybe he would contribute some of this unearned money to give the lady a better christmas after the way the church, courts and police have treated her, she deserves it.

    1. That sounds pretty good to me but falls far short of what is required to redress the balance in this case. What is being driven from your home, criminalized and made homeless for years worth? And not to mention the physical and emotional rigours suffered....