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Friday, 20 December 2013

"Curtis Warren Cop To Sue Gameshow Mike Over A Holiday?"


Click on the pics to read them.


  1. Un-believable!! This is the cop that had his promotion to sgt delayed because he had provided his debt collector wife (barmaid turned informant) with information from the police national computer!!!...and just had a smack on the wrists and his promotion delayed. The couple that told the taxman about all of their Jersey friends that also had homes on the same complex as the in Spain. And now Warren has a nice front page picture of Begin! What a pair if fools, she was the debt collector that was criticised for her tactics and sold the business.

  2. THE worrying thing is that any legal representation for Bowron will it seem, be obliquely coming out of the Public purse ( SOJP budget - not Bowron's bulging wallet) and IF the Beghin's are successful then the same with the Court "costs". P/debts & or Royal Court!

    These will, in no time exceed the amount disputed!

    It seems the public are paying for Bowron's judicial arrogance! This not for the first time following a certain officer being rightly re-instated by the Jurat's following dismissal.

    Another £10 k plus out of the coffers!

    I also wonder what costs we the Public will incur regarding Bowron taking a serving officer to a Judicial review. I accept the review is without charge but Bowron will employ an Advocate on behalf of the SOJP to deal, and this will not be free!

    Someone in charge of Bowron ( and we know who you are ) should be pulling him aside and getting him to drop the revengeful & tetchy teenage tantrums, and do his' job" and instead of all this buffoonery and meandering around town looking at his reflection - ALSO get some motorcycling tuition!

    When is the Parish Hall enquiry - commensurate for such an RTC?

    It has also come to pass that following Bowron sacking two SOJP staff for Data Offences he has now been heavily tarnished with the same brush -It Beggars belief!