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Monday, 30 December 2013

"Channel 'Tell - Lie - Vision' - Unbelievable Incompetence"

468 missing persons this year

Max Blandin's body was found two days after the 16-year-old went missing.

Jersey Police responded to more than 460 missing person reports this year. 

The figures have been released following concerns over a number of teenagers in the island being reported missing in the last couple of weeks.

Up until the end of November the force dealt with 468 incidents involving 103 individuals.

Police say the majority of people turn up safe and well.

The force are offering help to parents who are worried their children will go missing.

 Make sure your child has a phone with them, which is charged and has credit.

 Make sure you know where they are or who they are with (ideally have their friends phone numbers too).

 Have an idea of what your child is wearing.

"Pathetic Channel TV"

Well lets just drag up the story of Max's death again, just one short week after it broke, and right before new years eve!!!

I am sure all his family will be indebted to Cover-up TV for the reminder of their grief!!!

Then we have our idiot police force giving their best advice,

 Make sure your child has a phone with them, which is charged and has credit.

just days after one of my most damning postings about EMR....

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up!"


  1. I also believe it was Max's funeral today. Very insensitive to the family and friends. RIP Max Blandin.

    1. Another sad loss Jacques, and a needless one at that....Where is the awareness program???

  2. gafoor has a lot to answer for

    1. Not so sure he does anon, my understanding of Gafoor, and his efforts is for the most part, rather positive. My sources tell me he is not being backed up by those gutless worms who hit on him when shit goes pear-shaped. I know a fair number of people who have been consulted and treated by Gafoor, the end result was that they are off hard drugs for life....Scapegoat? My guess is yes, first is Gafoor in the firing line, then all the other scum keep their jobs....Just a thought :)

  3. Gafoor does have a lot to answer for Ian believe you me. He does NOT rehabilitate addicts, Silkworth Lodge do that. All Gafoor's service does is preach harm reduction which is completely different - replacing one drug with another, and keeping himself in a job by doing so! Addiction is an 'all or nothing' illness, and if Gafoor does not wish to interact with concerned and knowledgeable families he does not.