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Friday, 6 December 2013

"Channel Island Hypocrites Praise Mandela Whilst Committing Every Crime Mandela Stood Against"

Tributes are being paid to Nelson Mandela

What a wretched disgusting outfit we have here in the Channel Islands praising Nelson Mandela for his courage and defiance in the face of tyranny, yet certainly, Jersey's government are committing the same crimes that Mandela stood fervently against.

Imprisonment of government dissenters (Stuart Syvret)
The covering up of decades of paedophilia
Raiding peoples homes unlawfully
Tax evasion
Stealing peoples property
Doctoring written and recorded trial evidence
Money laundering
Oppressing currently serving politicians (The Pitman's)
Rigging Juries
Refusing to investigate crime
Judges committing fraud on the people
Court corruption
Covering up hospital and mental health incompetence
Stitching people up
Planning corruption on a horrendous scale
Back handers & golden handshakes for States employed criminals
Refusal to publish laws in English

The list is bloody endless!

The Chief Ministers of Jersey and Guernsey are today leading the tributes to Nelson Mandela. 

The former President of South Africa died at his home in Johannesburg on Thursday evening, aged 95.

President Jacob Zuma announced the death of Nelson Mandela in a late night national TV address.

Guernsey's Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Harwood said "Nelson Mandela was a truly great man. He served as an inspiration to all generations across all nations, and was an exemplar of the true meaning of reconciliation."

Guernsey's Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Harwood

Jersey's Chief Minister, Deputy Ian Gorst said,” Nelson Mandela is one of the heroes of my generation - a man whose life and actions have changed a nation and inspired people around the world to believe in the value of equality and reconciliation. He was truly a man who let his life speak. 

To many, his election as democratic South Africa’s first black president in 1994, was the realisation of a hope which had seemed impossible during his 27 year imprisonment.

His release in 1990 was not only a moment which changed the course of South African history. It sent a singularly powerful global message that perseverance in the pursuit of justice, democracy and human rights could succeed no matter how high the obstacles.

Despite the exceptional hardships he endured, Mr Mandela maintained his belief that peace and reconciliation were the only way to achieve a better future for South Africa. He demonstrated that in the way he led his country out of apartheid and towards a brighter future. 

Mandela’s message of forgiveness and reconciliation is still relevant across the world today. My sympathies are with his family and everyone in South Africa on this sad day.”

Flags in Jersey and Guernsey are flying at half mast today to mark the passing of the South African president.

Jersey's Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf said "Nelson Mandela, inspirational & courageous man, who gave hope to millions & changed the course of history. A light in our world, forever."

Whilst Guernsey politician, Deputy Chris Green, added, So sad to hear of the death of the great Nelson Mandela. A truly great leader of our times."

Fellow Sarnian, Deputy Mary Lowe, said, "Visiting Nelson Mandela's cell & seeing the conditions he lived in for so long on Robben Island, Cape Town, will stay with me forever. Remarkable man."

Mr Mandela is seen as an anti-apartheid icon, having campaigned tirelessly for racial equality, and ultimately pioneered a democratic South Africa.

His campaign against the regime led to him being jailed for life.

He was released from prison in 1990, then became South Africa's first black President four years later.

The Deputy Bailiff of Jersey said, “Although Nelson Mandela’s death will come as no surprise to us as his condition has been so serious over the last few months, it nonetheless comes as a shock. There are few people on the international stage who have had such a presence as he has had. The enormous respect which he commanded was born out of a deep admiration for him as a man who had been seen to overcome adversity with thoughtfulness and forgiveness. He was and is an inspiration for us all.”

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