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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"A Tradition That Gives Jersey Great Dignity - They Really Are Taking The Piss"

Questions over Bailiff role

"Great Dignity" The Bailiff standing side by side with a convicted paedophile!

Leah Ferguson reports

States members will discuss the possibility of a Government reform this week but one issue that is causing a lot of debate is the role of Jersey’s Bailiff. 

At the moment the Bailiff serves as the presiding officer of the States of Jersey and the head of the Judiciary. 

But many feel these two roles should be separate. 

The long running debate will become even more prominent this week after the current Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt, announced that he will retire in January 2015. 

Sir Michael, will step down on January 24th aged 66. 

On his retirement, he said: "I have been honoured to serve the Island and its community as Bailiff and will continue to do so to the best of my ability until the date of my retirement. 

"I have had the privilege of meeting and working with a great many people during my term of office who have extended many kindnesses and provided much support in all of my roles. 

"It has also been immensely rewarding to have had the opportunity of meeting, in my civic role, so many people undertaking voluntary or charitable work for the benefit of the community. 

"This remains such a strong feature of Island life."

The states are expected to debate Government reform tomorrow (Thurs). 


  1. Disneyland,dont they mean wonderland

  2. "I remain particularly grateful for the longstanding service at tremendous personal sacrifice, of Jon Haworth, who has suffered terribly as the most public spokesperson in support for our Jersey Way."

  3. Anyone with any balance can see that this customary set up has run its course. Slavery, smoking and piracy all happened in there own time, but the world becomes more educated, and times change.

    How can anyone with hand on heart agree that the Bailiff, head of the Jersey judiciary should sit above Jerseys Parliament, deciding which politician should speak and for how long. They also have to submit questions to be sanctioned as acceptable to the Bailiffs chamber.

    The Bailiff could possibly sit in the royal court, handing down laws that were passed in the Government assembly in which he sat presiding three months earlier. This is just plain wrong in this modern world, and everyone knows it.

    Jersey's judiciary is under attack from far away critics after the poorly thought out data protection law and the imprisonment of a dissident.

    The dual rolls must cease, to stop Jerseys Government being accused of being run like a feudal banana republic.