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Tuesday, 31 December 2013



I would like to take this opportunity to thank readers for their interest and support over the last year, I know I have had my moments and others have had theirs, but that is life, and only life lived is knowledge.

I think a very special thank you is also due to the many Jersey Bloggers who have put their butts on the line over the past year in exposing the paedophiles, the crooks, and the corrupt in Jersey. Indeed, a very special mention for Stuart Syvret also, who is still languishing in jail this evening for his courage in speaking out on behalf of all decent people in Jersey.

The excellent work of VFC, Rico, Mike, Trevor, Aangirfan, Max Igan and many other blogs the world over who bring us the truth daily.

And now we have "The People's Voice" also contributing on a massive scale.

My new year is going to begin in a fabulous manner as I have had some great news that will change my life after tonight.

My best wishes to you all for a happy and prosperous new year

"A man truly himself enriches his own interests, [and] makes a virtue of poverty. He goes his way without depending on others...yet is not arrogant that he needs no one. True virtue remains unknown. The greatest man is...nobody."

"Maggie Tittle Tattle Tuttle & ZoopMad - More Questions Than Answers!"

"Just Who Are The Real Gatekeepers?"

ZoopMad....Jesus Saves!!!
Recently I posted a series of CHRIST-mas posts based on the life long work of that rascally scholar, Jordan Maxwell, and Zoopmad didn't like it!!!

In true Zoopmad fashion, she set about trying to belittle me via the VoiceForChildren blog, and which extracts are below.

CHRIST-mas is a complete lie, but let us rejoice in The 'SUN' of God!!!

Christ is not a lie, and I know that because he has helped me get through Pindown and Secret Family Court abuse, I cried out to Him when there wasn't anyone else there to help me and He led me to find out about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, and it was me who found out about David Rose MI5 agent, sorry if it sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet, but I have slogged my guts out researching stuff reading loads of stuff, and feel like I am being brushed under the carpet. Jesus really does exist, and so do I and whats more I am too fat to be poked under any blinking carpets! Just feel so sad that Ian Evans can have another pop at me by rubbishing Christianity, and at Christmas time too, and you all know that I am a Christian, yet everyone is ok about it, WELL I'M NOT!

Just sitting here, reading what he's posted - the second time he's posted nasty things about me in a month - feeling so very very hurt. I thought you were my friends, you all of you know I am a Christian, why can you all not see why it absolutly hurts what he's posted? I have slogged my guts out to expose the Pindown scandal, I have been so brave, and quite frankly I feel so betrayed.

If I were a Muslim what Ian Evans wrote about my God would not be tolerated. I just feel so shocked and appalled that no-one seems to see the horrible insult that is bang on target!

Stuart is an athiest, but he would NEVER have let Ian Evans post that about my Lord Jesus Christ, because he would never let one of the Pindowns be hurt with such a cheap shot. Sorry that such a bigoted remark against Christianity is considered ok on this blog.

I feel so betrayed. Why is it ok to attack Christianity, when it is absolute taboo to attack any other religion, or catagory of people? Why cant anyone see how I feel? What the hell is wrong with people - is everyone blind? I feel like I have walked into the Day of the Triffids right now!

Barbara is an absolute legend in the "against child abuse movement" especially for pissing off people who make any attempt to help child abuse victims. Just what her motives are I am to dumbfounded to even guess at anymore, let alone contemplate? What, if anything, she has personally endured in relation to the issue of child abuse, I have no idea either as not one scrap of evidence has been published that I have personally seen.

I would sincerely hope that she is a fraudster as I would not wish child abuse on any children, past or present. That said, if she is genuine then I feel deeply for her. That said also, why does she go around destroying the very fabric of the movement? Why would you drive people like Brian Gerrish and John Hemming to the point that they won't even contemplate communication with you anymore?

Even people like Brian Claire, who is so easy going, she has managed to isolate for life. Worse still, and not so long ago, she ripped into Aangirfan for (I believe) not publishing her true story. Aangirfan then set about doing a rather chronological blog of her alleged circumstances and got hammered even more by Barbara to the point where he/she took the blog posting down forever!!!

Barbara's antics now bring me to a character who goes by the name of Maggie Tuttle, just who is Maggie Tuttle? I know little about her other than a couple of video clips that I have watched, one of the most recent being aired tonight on The People's Voice/TV.

Maggie states (if my recollections are exact) that she has the name/s of renowned paedophiles who she knows but cannot speak those names unless she has at least £20,000 and whilst telling the audience that she cannot muster even 20 pence? If you have the name/s of well known and high profile paedophile/s, why would you need at least £20,000 to simply state that/those name/s in public?

Have I got it wrong?

I stand to be corrected.

The Plot Thickens!!!

Monday, 30 December 2013

"Poisoning Yourself & Your Children - Aspartame - The Monster Revisited"

"The People's Voice & Dr Betty Martini"

Please people, take time out to watch these very important video's....
Thanks :)

Below, are the monsters of Aspartame
and the NutraSweet scam!!!

Yet this coward did the complete opposite!!!

Below are the sites to your salvation....

"Channel 'Tell - Lie - Vision' - Unbelievable Incompetence"

468 missing persons this year

Max Blandin's body was found two days after the 16-year-old went missing.

Jersey Police responded to more than 460 missing person reports this year. 

The figures have been released following concerns over a number of teenagers in the island being reported missing in the last couple of weeks.

Up until the end of November the force dealt with 468 incidents involving 103 individuals.

Police say the majority of people turn up safe and well.

The force are offering help to parents who are worried their children will go missing.

 Make sure your child has a phone with them, which is charged and has credit.

 Make sure you know where they are or who they are with (ideally have their friends phone numbers too).

 Have an idea of what your child is wearing.

"Pathetic Channel TV"

Well lets just drag up the story of Max's death again, just one short week after it broke, and right before new years eve!!!

I am sure all his family will be indebted to Cover-up TV for the reminder of their grief!!!

Then we have our idiot police force giving their best advice,

 Make sure your child has a phone with them, which is charged and has credit.

just days after one of my most damning postings about EMR....

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up!"

Saturday, 28 December 2013

"Tales Of Plunder - Pirates & Privateers"


they’re judges you know, with well-trained legal brains.

The following paperwork appeared through my letter box in August 2013:

The Alleged Summons

Take a close look at this alleged ‘charge sheet’, who is Mr Cyril Vibert? It certainly is not me, I was not Christened Mr by my parents, neither did they call me Mr, Mr is a fictional construct, a title, a legal person, It is not a human being.

There is a box for a signature why is it not signed by the constable or one of his centeniers? Why is no one prepared to take responsibility for this document? 

Indeed the only thing in this box is the company seal of the Parish of St Helier, are these agents saying that I have a contract with this body corporate? I would very much like to see this alleged contract. Oh that’s right, there isn't one.

Why didn't the agent of the court, Mr Mourant, sign instead of write his title and surname?  We’ll look at the answers to these questions later.

This so called ‘charge sheet’ has about as much lawful significance as a piece of bog roll, albeit not as useful.

Now the Viscount’s letter

Again this is addressed to a legal fiction, now I know we have been schooled into believing that we are Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Esq, Sir, etc etc. But we are none of these things, we are real living beings with a soul and a conscience and as long as we remember this and exercise our inalienable rights as such, then the corporate judiciary and government must also remember this (they won’t because they are a criminal outfit).

Notice how the Viscount wants cash, I have sat through many hours of Magistrate’s Court plunder sessions and can confirm that the Viscount will only accept cash in court, they will even allow you to go to an ATM to get the cash, this amounts to thousands of pounds every session, yet you will not find these figures in the States of Jersey accounts nor where this considerable sum of money is spent, why not? Are there commissioners and the likes to pay?

The above documents came a little while after the usual pro forma invitation to a parish hall inquiry and then a facsimile template summons to appear in the Magistrates Court on the 12th August 2013 issued by the Connetable (Constable) of St. Helier.

Firstly I’ll state for the record that I have not been charged with any of the alleged offences contained in the above ‘charge sheet’. So the question is this, is anyone obliged to attend the Magistrate’s Court (other than as a witness) if they have not been charged with an offence?

Answer: Of course not.

Next the pro forma quasi summons was from the Constable of St. Helier, sorry but I forgot to make a copy of these which I sent back marked “No Contract – Return to Sender”.

Now obviously the Constable of St. Heliers’ jurisdiction and authority is limited to within the Parish of St. Helier. So, does a summons from the Constable of St. Helier create any legal obligation upon someone who lives outside of the Parish of St. Helier? – No it does not, but let us not forget that this is Jersey with it's Alice in Wonderland make it up as you go along ‘justice system’.

You would have thought that the Magistrates with their planet sized legal minds would have picked up on such glaring problems, but no, according to the Viscounts’ dept. the Magistrate (no clue as to which one) issued an arrest order. Strange how these mythical arrest orders never seem to see the light of day, I have yet to see one of these orders signed by a Magistrate, maybe they’re shy.
Even the court jesters (sometimes called Magistrates) know better than to sign an unlawful order.

Despite threats of immediate arrest by Viscounts officers (basically bailiffs for our non-Jersey readers) I have carried on living my life.
The Viscounts Dept. is infested with lawyers so it is not clear to me what they mean by ‘immediate arrest’ could it have some kind of secret legalese meaning.

Why more than 4 months after the alleged ‘arrest order’ have I not been arrested, I did not pay any bail nor will I. Have they just forgotten? Or do they have so many ‘arrest orders’ outstanding that they have not got around to me yet?  Do you dear readers think either is likely? Nor do I. So what is happening here?

One of the essential elements of any court case is jurisdiction, for criminal and quasi criminal matters a court must establish in-personam jurisdiction; a court cannot lawfully proceed against you without establishing jurisdiction over you. And at no time has the court established jurisdiction over me, you see, if you go to court under your own steam for statutory matters, you have, simply by turning up, tacitly consented to in-personam jurisdiction even if you dispute jurisdiction once in court. The courts presumption of tacit consent to jurisdiction will stand no matter what argument or rebuttal you care to use, I know this because I’ve tried most of them.

By not going to court the alleged Magistrate was unable to claim that jurisdiction was established either tacitly or expressly, no jurisdiction, no case to answer. Magistrates and the lawyers from the Viscount’s Department know this full well.

 The glaringly obvious truth is that a Magistrate’s Oath of Office does not allow or authorise them to administrate legislation. When Bridget Shaw, or whoever is sitting in court administrating legislation they are acting as a private Commissioner not as a Magistrate and a nice commission it must be considering  all that lovely cash coming in through the box office every day. You see why a ‘Magistrate’ might be loathed to confirm their Oath of Office in court and in so doing limit their ability to act in any other capacity at that same hearing.

From the Bailiffs’ office we have the Magistrates Oath of Office
with English translation

Publicly sworn, before  god, upholding the rights of the Queen and her subjects, in accordance with the laws and customs of this Island.
All of this confirms that this Oath is a common law Oath; the swearer is promising to uphold common law when using its authority.
It does not authorise a Magistrate to administer legislation.

However nothing in legislation or law forbids Bridget Shaw, Peter Harris et al from working as a private commissioner after their work as a Magistrate is finished.

Magistrates have no problem giving lawful orders and signing both orders and warrants, private commissioners are far more reluctant as it is them personally, and not the ‘court’ who is responsible for their actions and orders.

Asking these well paid private commissioners questions they don’t want to answer is not only revealing but laugh out loud mad;

 Me to Bridget Shaw “what jurisdiction is the court presuming here?”
BS; “The Magistrates court is a creature of statute”.

A CREATURE, WTF? No doubt this SEA CREATURE has tentacles and  big sharp teeth.
A creature or court of statute, statute (act, enactment etc.) is just lawyers fancy way of saying a tribunal administering legislation.

Of course it gets more serious when an important question and the answer vanish from the official court recording. See the rather stunning posting on the link below, a must read.

From the start of my various appearances in ‘court’ for ‘statutory offences’ I would ask the ‘Magistrate’ “Are you operating under your Oath of Office at this time” not once did any so called magistrate give a responsive answer, they would obfuscate by saying things like “I am not prepared to enter into a discussion about that” You what!!! Only a corrupt or disingenuous mind would interpret asking for a simple yes/no answer to a question as calling for a discussion.

Compare this to my later appearances for the common law offence of contempt of court, when asked the same question about their Oath of Office both Richard Falle and Bridget Shaw had no hesitation in answering “yes”. These crooks think we were born yesterday, and that we are not capable of leading them into answers that show how they are abusing their public positions and the law. 

I’ve spent a lot of hours at the Magistrates court both appearing and listening to other cases so I’ve noticed a few things, like all the common law proper crime stuff is usually dealt with first and swiftly so the lawyers can get down and dirty making wonga.

 Policed by consent and governed by consent means exactly what it says.

I consent to be bound by common law, I do not consent to be bound by legislation created by a de facto corporate government unless I am acting as a government agent or am engaged in commerce.

Jersey has, in effect and fact, a privatised justice system (sic) the private members only BAR Association and its junior affiliate the Law Society control justice on this island. The membership by invitation only BAR Association (an Unincorporated Body Corporate) which is chartered through the Inns of Court, situated within the City of London Corporation and the CROWN whose address is Crown officer, Crown office row, Chancery lane, CITY OF LONDON, are not  government bodies, are not public institutions, have no natural authority to determine how our justice system should operate, rather they are a collection of people who have joined together to promote their, and their fellow members standing and earning potential and who are not held accountable by lazy and/or corrupt politicians.

This arrangement is financially beneficial for both government and lawyers they will not give up this scam lightly.

But I digress

So what have I been up to since these threats of arrest, well, straight from the 'you couldn’t make this shit up' department, I was employed on a temporary contract with authorisation to access the computer system, keys and card swipe to buildings whilst working for;


A case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing?

If there is one thing lawyers hate more than ordinary people learning their deceptive ways, it is people who make it public.

What are the odds of me being arrested after this posting?

Answers on the back of a parking ticket please!

Watch this space.


"Did Gorst Ask The People What They Wanted?"

Jersey's Chief Minister is proposing radical reforms

Jersey's Chief Minister is proposing radical reforms to the way the government is run.

Senator Ian Gorst told us "I want to bring forward changes to the machinery of government which we will hopefully do in the first quarter of next year. So that's greater powers to the Chief Minister, that's collective responsibility, it's the ability to move ministers and portfolios around in the best interests of government for Jersey, so that's a priority for the first quarter."

It's just one of a raft of plans he wants to see happen in 2014.

Friday, 27 December 2013

"The World Would Be So Much Better Without Lawyers & Pro Corporate Pigs"

Discrimination Law 'could cripple firms'
Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher - Enemy of the people

ANTI-discrimination laws that will come into effect next year could cripple small businesses, claims an employment law specialist.
In a landmark move earlier this year, the States adopted proposals to introduce Jersey’s first anti-discrimination employment legislation which will outlaw acts of racial discrimination in the workplace.
Other sections of the law which will ban discrimination against age, sex and disability have yet to be included in the law.
Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher, a legal consultant at TM Legal Services, which specialises in Jersey employment law, believes that rather than focusing on issues such as zero-hour contracts, the Social Security department should be examining the proposed implementation of the anti-discrimination laws.
She believes that businesses will either struggle with the costs or face legal action due to the high manpower costs involved in implementing the new laws.

"Sponsoring Corporate Crooks"
Below is a little more on the attitude of Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher, and it's not nice!
As we can see from the content of the links, this woman is pro Oligarchy, pro Corporation, and most definitely not for the common man or woman.

No doubt, to her, 'WE' are the "SLAVES" with the status of "ANIMAL" and "MONSTER".
I will be touching upon these titles over the weekend in conjunction with a guest posting from Cyril 'Le' Squirrel. Hopefully by Monday evening you men and women, boys and girls, will know just where you stand in the hierarchy of law and dominion according to GOD!!!

If any of you wish to jump the gun and educate yourselves before our weekend postings,
please watch one of the very best videos of all time on this subject.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

"The 'Sun' of God - The Final Word"

"The Lords 'hidden' Prayer"

You only have to read it to know why it has been kept from you by Merchants and Bankers and False Deities... 100's of years of lies can only be believed for so much time until we all finally awaken to self evident truth...

The Sacred Petition
(to heaven)

Our Father of All Creation,
We beseech thee and honour your name,
For your Rule be united as One,
And your Laws be equal to All,
On Earth as it is in Heaven,
Grant us the means to sustenance,
As we shall give alms to those in need.
Save us from trickery and false oaths,
As our vows and our oaths shall be true.
Forgive us our debts and transgressions,
As we shall forgive the debts and transgressions of others.
Release us from any curse and ills,
As we shall not curse nor wish ill upon another.
We ask then most humbly and with gratitude,
For let then your will be done.


All truth passes through 3 stages
1, Ridicule
2, Violent Opposition
3, Acceptance as being Self Evident

"The Love that we withhold...
Is The Pain That We Carry, Lifetime After Lifetime"


The hidden truth about all religions that they do not want you to know is revealed in this award winning documentary video. Please watch, discover and become awake to the lies that you have been told, learn and share the truth with others.

of the Nazarenes - 23

1. In the year known as 36 CE,
2. Twelve hundred and thirty six years since the dawn of the Great Age,
3. Upon the 14th of March and the birthday of Jesus and Mithra,
4. Atop the Great Temple and Mint to Mithra in Jerusalem,
5. Prince Jesus as Pontifex Maximus and the Great Prophet of Yeb,
6. Did order criers to call out from the walls,
7. So that the tens of thousands of pilgrims below,
8. Could hear these words spoken by Jesus:
9. Fifty years it be since the Great Temple Mint of Mithra here in Jerusalem,
10. And the Great Temple Mint of Lucifer in Gaul were consecrated,
11. By my grandfather the Holly High King Cú-Roi(n) as the Great Prophet Adoniah,
12. And as the Pontifex Maximus and supreme priest of all of Rome.
13. Now I stand before you all upon this most sacred day to Mithra and upon the day of my birth,
14. Not only as Pontifex Maximus and the highest priest and custodian of sacred rights of heaven,
15. But as the steward of all the Yahudi diaspora and tribes as the Great Prophet of Yeb,
16. And as the master gold smith and master minter of all Holly (Cuilliaéan) coin.
17. For no lesser priests and their clerks and money lenders (bankers) may claim authority,
18. To bind men to debt and death oaths (mortgages) and servitude in the name of heaven,
19. Yet no force on earth can rightfully deny that it is I Jesus the son of Joseph,
20. Who holds the keys to the treasury of one heaven and no other.
21. Thus it be the law upon which this Great Temple be founded and the very foundations of Roman Law,
22. That when I speak in matters of rights and property claimed from heaven,
23. What I seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven and what I loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
24. Therefore may all who have ears hear and all who have eyes see that you may bear witness,
25. To all peoples of all places and all cultures across the lands of Rome and beyond,
26. That no man may bear false witness now or into the future,
27. Against what you heard spoken here today as the word of law and the seal of heaven and earth.
28. Verily all men and women are born equal and without transgression or debt or obligation,
29. As the law forbids one be punished for the transgression of an ancestor or another.
30. Nor are men and women bound in death by the transgressions or debts of life,
31. For death is the ultimate settlement of all debts and transgressions.
32. Thus when a man dies so does his debts and obligations,
33. And a merchant or moneylender may not seize any property from the widow and her children,
34. For the merchant and money lender have no right to demand such settlement,
35. And a man have no right to pledge his family as surety.
36. Nor may a people be bound for the transgressions of their ancestors,
37. Or the cost of war or the demands for reparations by an invading army or payment for imprisonment,
38. For such false claims be both absurd and abhorrent before heaven.
39. Thus no son can be bound by the transgressions or obligations of the father,
40. For death and heaven have settled such debts that if a merchant or moneylender deny,
41. Then seize them for such fraud and offence against all Rule of Law.
42. As for those merchants and money lenders who now follow the false teachings of Rome,
43. In the absurd claims that there be no heaven or gods above us,
44. And that all ever written as to Rule of Law and Justice and Due Process be a myth,
45. For they claim to be men of reason and logic and intelligence,
46. When they are but nihilists and madmen and fools.
47. Woe unto you such purveyors of illness of the mind,
48. Who seek to control by trickery and confusion and deception,
49. By promising a life of pleasure and happiness without substance or conscience.
50. Verily such nihilists and tricksters repudiate the existence of the Divine,
51. Yet still rely upon the authority of the Divine for their office and law,
52. These madmen and liars deny the existence of heaven,
53. Yet depend upon the magic of money and blood curses and false vows,
54. To ply their trade in condemning men to servitude and a life of slavery.
55. Thus do not let not those who speak with illness of mind hide from the truth,
56. That the power and authority of the merchants and moneylenders,
57. Remains upon the foundations of these temples and its priests.
58. Verily men have made goods and grown food and traded with each other since the first cities,
59. And it be a sacred right of all men to be able to trade and exchange their goods and labor,
60. And it be a right of true law that men receive a fair price for their goods and labor,
61. And money be anything that people be willing to accepts as a means of fair exchange,
62. And the most important element to fair trade and price is trust.
63. Verily the only true capital is trust that the vow or oath of a man be true.
64. When trust is strong there be no need for the borrowings of bankers and priests,
65. As men can call upon the deepest supply of capital of good will of others to aid,
66. In helping build and grow and make objects and goods of value,
67. Knowing that after the harvest or the market day they shall be paid fairly for their labor.
68. But when men lose trust with one another they turn to the money of priests and bankers,
69. And replace true capital with false capital and bond themselves to curses.
70. Even the greediest of bankers do not know these truths for they seek ways to corrupt,
71. And call for the days when Coin was stamped and not moulded and uneven and not perfect.
72. They do not understand even in times of loss of trust and greater profits,
73. That their hold on power rests upon the sacred foundations of the creators of true coin.
74. A Coin is but a standard of measure and a unit of value and a means of exchange,
75. But when it can be clipped or rubbed (fractionalized) of uneven weight,
76. Or metals substituted so that it is not true gold or silver then it becomes worthless.
77. This is why the Cuilliaéan (Holly) invented standards of weight and measure,
78. That a true coin weigh not more or less than 432 grains and have three sides,
79. To end the madness of the bankers in destroying their own source of power,
80. And injuring the people through higher prices and unfair exchange.
81. Yet even the most perfect coin of a mint be worthless if people cannot work and trade.
82. Verily the only true money is the work and effort of men and women using their talents,
83. And the numbers in the ledgers of clerks and bankers be worthless,
84. If men and women refuse to give effort and energy to sustaining such numbers,
85. And if such numbers be written in bad faith or with any form of compound interest.
86. Truly there be few acts more wicked before heaven than a banker who adds his fee upon a debt,
87. Or charges interest that the debt owed continues to grow of its own accord.
88. A merchant or banker may demand the fee at the time of the loan and at no other.
89. Thus if a banker or merchant charge any interest or fee on a debt,
90. Have him seized as the worst of thieves and transgressors against the Rule of Law.
91. As for the payment of debts and honoring of such obligations,
92. Verily I say to you that a man is obliged to pay his debts in the same manner,
93. And to the same extent as the banker offers forgiveness and good faith.
94. Therefore a man is no more obliged to pay a banker as a pirate,
95. For by corrupt acts a merchant or banker forfeits protection of true law.
96. If a man enter into consensus then let there be proper terms and consideration,
97. That if another comes and demands payment he may respond in honor and agree,
98. That if such debt be through proper consensus and in good faith and good conscience,
99. He must pay or find the means to pay but if such proof be not provided,
100. Then such demand be that of a pirate or robber and a man be not obligated to pay,
101. Nor may he be bound into servitude upon such false premise.
102. Verily a Tax be nothing more than the threats of pirates and robbers,
103. And a Tax be the demands of merchants and bankers who protect themselves by mercenaries.
104. For a people have no obligation to pay the debts of others nor those that enslave them.
105. Truly the very word Tax is abhorrent before all heaven and the Divine Creator,
106. And no man or woman be bound to pay the ransom and threats of tyrants and thieves.
107. As for those who say such demands are for the common good and for roads and water,
108. I say to these weasels who speak for the corrupt merchants and bankers,
109. That any man or woman who uses the talents given unto them from heaven,
110. Who is baptized and takes up their cross to live honorably and respectfully,
111. Gives a thousand times more to the welfare of his community than any banker.
112. A society built upon true capital need not demand taxes but the good will of its people,
113. Who shall gladly contribute to its aid and benefit.
114. But a community enslaved by mercenaries and thieves and liars can only demand by force,
115. That the people pay that which they do not owe in defiance of heaven.
116. Verily any priest who says taxes are in honor of heaven is a liar and not a priest.
117. Therefore I say to all of you today before all of heaven and the Divine Creator,
118. With the full authority and seals of office that all death pledges (mortgages) are expunged,
119. For such agreements are forbidden before heaven and are repugnant to the Rule of Law.
120. Furthermore I say to you that all debts and bonds upon the demands of taxes are expunged,
121. And the ledgers and registers to be destroyed as sacrilegious books,
122. For no man owe even a single coin of tribute to those that enslave him,
123. As his obligations be first to himself and his family and secondly to his community.
124. To all those many hundreds of thousands enslaved by such false debts and taxes,
125. I say to all of you upon the memory of the true laws of Rome and heaven,
126. That slavery in all its forms and especially by debt is absolutely forbidden.
127. Therefore any man or woman or child bonded into slavery upon the ledgers of the temples,
128. Be now discharged and released from all such obligations and debts and emancipated.
129. Any merchant or land owner or banker or priest who then demands these people remain bound,
130. Is nothing more than a tyrant and such people nothing more than prisoners,
131. For no law in heaven or on earth permit such false imprisonment or slavery,
132. And when such people find their strength to rise up let them seek justice,
133. And overthrow such tyrants and slave masters for by the Rule of Law of heaven and earth,
134. Verily I say to you there was and is and has only ever been one law,
135. That no man is above the law and all are equal before it,
136. That no man or woman or child be bound as a slave,
137. And any such debts used to bind people have been expunged,
138. And all men and women are free to live according to their conscience,
139. Knowing they are loved by their Father of all Creation,
140. They are protected by their ancestors and the spirits of heaven,
141. That the world and the land and all its fruits are as much their inheritance.
142. Therefore be good and honorable stewards of the world and fear nothing.
143. For your Father shall never abandon you nor leave you without aid nor condemn you.
144. You are divine immortal spirits carnated in flesh. You can never die

To get the whole story from the Beginning Follow this Link:
Lebor Clann Glas from the Book of The Green Race