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Friday, 29 November 2013

"Jersey Health Authority Not Giving The Best Advice About Flu""

Why spend £300k on flu drug?

Spending £300,000 on stocks of Tamiflu in case of an outbreak of Avian Flu in Jersey is a waste of money.
That is according to Deputy Gerard Baudains who intends to quiz Health Minister Anne Pryke in the States next week.

He wants her to outline her understanding of what Tamiflu achieves; what adverse reactions (if any) have been reported and why it is considered necessary to stockpile the drug.

Deputy Baudains is also asking Deputy Pryke if she believes that the benefits are extremely limited and, if so, does she consider it is an appropriate use of taxpayers' money? 

He said, "If the drug was actually useful, if it actually achieved marked results, I would say yes. If Swine flu came around again and it worked effectively as an antibiotic, I wouldn't have a problem with it. To me, it's a useless drug that is costing the Island a fortune."

"How To Prevent Flu Forever"

I must confess, I absolutely howl with laughter when I read or see anything put out by the Jersey Health Authorities, and today was no exception.

Tamiflu is the saviour for this winters coughs and colds....My God.

Even more hilarious was the leaflet featured in the video above entitled
"Flu & You - What's Really True?"

So, what is really true?

The real truth is that the best known killer of infection is Ionic Colloidal Silver and Blood Electrification, but you won't ever hear that from any doctor or health authority, and why? There is no profit in it for the pharmaceutical companies. Of course, it certainly doesn't help knowing that the N.W.O want most of us dead anyway, but there we are.

I am actually sitting here sipping on a litre of ionic colloidal silver that I just made ten minutes ago knowing that I will never get flu, and at a cost of about a penny a gallon. Now do you understand why you will never hear about ionic colloidal silver from a health professional?

Below is a little something about Ionic Colloidal Silver that will blow your mind.


Anyone wishing for further information on the topic of Ionic Colloidal Silver or blood electrification please leave a comment below.


  1. hi ian how or were can you bye or make this thanks

    1. Hi Martin, I am actually going to start making these kits for colloidal silver making but you can make your own quite easily. All you need is a 9 volt alkaline battery, two 9 inch lengths of wire, and two silver rods....Remember though, that the silver "MUST" be 99.99% silver, also known as the four 9's.

      This is very important as anything less than this quality of silver can poison you so be aware. I have spoken with Darius Pearce at the jewellers on the corner of the central market in town and he is happy to supply anyone with the correct quality of silver rod. His number is 732290.

      Please see the video on colloidal silver at the link below.

    2. Or if you want some making Martin, I can rattle a bottle or two up for you mate. Just leave me your phone number on a "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment.

  2. Ian, it's great to see you back, I do hope that things are on the up for you.

    All the best!