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Saturday, 5 October 2013

"When Are Jersey Going To Stop Trotting Out These Morons On The Cancer Myth?"

"Covering Up Cures"

Dr Otto Warburg

Castle: "We will beat cancer"

Andrew Castle

Tennis star turned broadcaster Andrew Castle is in Jersey tonight (Saturday) to help the local branch of Cancer Research UK celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The Jersey branch has raised many hundreds of thousands of pounds and during its existence life expectancy for cancer victims has greatly increased with the regular advances in treatments.

Castle is hosting a gala evening at the Hotel de France.

"Not In Yours Or My Lifetime"

Wanna bet you brainwashed dipstick!!!

I can't be arsed putting up all the videos any more as most people are just to stupid to take any notice, preferring to believe the lies of government and their operatives.

So for those who have cancer, and a brain, and want to get rid of their cancer, please see the articles and vids on the link below which are self explanatory for anyone who can read English or watch a video....

Below are a whole host of other natural treatments and preventions.


  1. not many comments on this one as people see to affraid to even say the word cancer.

  2. Question..if chemo destroys the immune system,,,and we need an immune system....surely a more gentle approach is worthy of investigation see Ian's info on Bob Peck