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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"Well - Bugger My Ring-Piece - Jersey Have Cyber Info On Pending Anonymous Attack!!!" PMSL :)

Finance warned of cyber attack

Jersey knows fuck all about fuck all....

JERSEY’S finance firms are on alert following warnings that international cyber terrorists are plotting an imminent online attack in the Island.
A splinter group of the infamous Anonymous network of web hackers is understood to be in the final stages of preparing an operation to bring down the websites of Jersey’s financial institutions and significantly disrupt email activity.
The attack, which is expected to be launched next month, would be the first assault on Jersey by the group, which has previously described the Island as a tax haven that uses government corruption to ‘loot the wealth of citizens’.
The Jersey Financial Services Commission, the industry’s regulator, has now emailed 300 Island finance firms warning of an imminent attack after receiving intelligence from several credible sources.


  1. Jersey Finance needs ATTACKING!!! A corrupt stinking regime that needs pulling back down into the dirt where it belongs. Let em keep their promissory notes of worthlessness, eventually the posh cunts are going to have to get on their hands and knee's and tend the soil, especially if they want themselves and their families to survive. Welcome to the real world you aristocratic heathen scum!!!

  2. see you have missed the article about relief magistrate mourant today, saying that uits wrong to self diagnose health problems

  3. Move along people, nothing to see here, lessons have been learned.