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Friday, 25 October 2013

"Watering Down The Parishes By 'government sock puppet' Juliette Gallichan"

Constable calls for parishes to be split between districts

St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan

ST HELIER and St Saviour should be split up and joined with other parishes between super constituencies if the States is reformed, according to the Constable of St Mary.
Juliette Gallichan, who was a member of the now defunct Electoral Commission, has lodged two amendments to reform proposals due to be debated by the States next month.
Under her proposals no large voting district would be made up solely of one parish. Instead, St Helier – which under previous plans would have been split between two large districts – and St Saviour – which would have dominated a large voting district under previous plans – would be split into smaller areas and joined up with other parishes.
The Constable said that research by the Electoral Commission had shown that no one district should consist solely of one parish or a part of one parish.
In the report accompanying one of her amendments, Mrs Gallichan said: ‘Either every parish should have its own representatives – or none should. Districts which cover several parishes do not mean that a parish has a representative or representatives. There is no reason to say that as St Helier has a third of the population it – as a “parish” – should directly elected one-third of States Members.’
The Constable has amended Senator Philip Ozouf’s proposals which would retain referendum result option B but with an extra Deputy in each St Helier district. There would be 44 Members made up of 12 Constables and 32 Deputies elected in six large districts. Senators would be abolished.
Mrs Gallichan has proposed as above but with four large voting districts electing eight Deputies each. St Helier would be split between three districts with the existing St Helier districts 3 and 4 joining St Mary, St John and Trinity in district two, the existing St Helier No 2 joining the St Saviour vingtaines of Sous l’Eglise, Sous La Hougue, Pigneaux and Maufant, St Martin and Grouville in proposed district three and the existing St Helier No 1 joining St Saviour vingtaines Petite Longueville and Grande Longueville and St Clement in proposed district four. The other large district would be made up of St Brelade, St Peter, St Ouen and St Lawrence.
She has also proposed an amendment to Deputy Trevor Pitman’s reform proposals, which are the same as Senator Ozouf’s but with the addition of a further one extra Deputy in each St Helier district to bring the number of Members to 46.
Mrs Gallichan has proposed five large voting districts, each electing seven Deputies and bringing the number of Members to 47. The districts would be split as follows: 1 – St Brelade, St Peter, St Ouen; 2 – St Mary, St John, St Lawrence and the St Helier vingtaines of Mont Cochon and Mont à l’Abbé; 3 – St Saviour vingtaines Sous l’Eglise, Sous La Hougue and Pigneaux, St Martin and St Helier vingtaines Haut de la Ville and Bas de la Ville; 4 – St Clement, St Saviour vingtaines Petite Longueville and Grande Longueville and Grouville; 5 – St Saviour vingtaine of Maufant, Trinity and the St Helier vingtaines of Haut du Mont au Prêtre, Bas du Mont au Prêtre and Rouge Bouillon.
The Constable’s amendments bring the total number of existing propositions, amendments and amendments to amendments relating to reform of the States Assembly to 11.
They are due to be debated at the next States sitting on 5 November.


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