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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Victims Do Come Forward But The Jersey Police Do Nothing"

"Jersey Police Force - A Laughing Stock"

D.I Chris Beechey urges victims of Jon Haworth, and his multitude of deranged avatars, to come forward with complaints that he can do nothing about?

What is D.I Beechey doing about the BBC & Channel TV promoting the trolls hate campaign on their Face Book pages? What is he doing about Deputy Trevor Pitman's complaints against
"The Urinator" that is Jon Sharrock Haworth?

What do they ever do about any complaints that go in against the wet mattress?

The States of Jersey pro-actively protect Jersey's worst ever on line abuser.

BUT....Fear not folks, for justice is right around the corner this coming Christmas with our upcoming Jersey Trolling Christmas Extravaganza Special :)

I can confirm that it's going to give Emma Martins some headaches!!!

Say 'cheese' Jon....Cliiiiiick!!!

1 comment:

  1. Many people would like to see the face of John Haworth, what a Xmas gift that would be!!!!