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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"VACCINES - I Was Delighted To Read Hedi Green's Letter In The JEP"

"The Gardasil Vaccine....& Other Vaccines with Dr Russell Blaylock"

I was delighted to read Hedi Green's letter in the JEP today, one of those rare creatures who also questions authority. This is one of those very rare occasions whereby the JEP has actually been productive for the good of the people of Jersey. Below is the letter Hedi sent to the JEP with regard to the Gardasil vaccine asking some excellent questions, below that is the rather bizarre response from Jersey's Health Authorities.

Following these letters is a short video about the effects of the Gardasil vaccine, which incidentally is just one of hundreds, if not thousands on YouTube.

The second video is essential viewing for any parent who cares about their children's health and well being. Dr Russell Blaylock is one of the worlds leading experts on neurology and the effects of vaccines on the brain, his evidenced conclusions about vaccines and their contents is horrifying.

The third video is your sugar daddy!!!
When you have viewed it you will understand what I mean :)

Please click on the pics to read them

Dr Russell Blaylock's talk on vaccines is below

Dr Russell Blaylock on sugar and food allergy, a stunning video.


  1. Ian.

    If only most States Members could take a leaf out of Michael De La Haye's BOOK!

  2. You have numbed me Mr Evans, heartbroken for these poor people.

    1. Dude, I have only given you the truth as I believe it, nothing more....The rest is up to you :)

  3. If you have issues with this posting PLEASE do something about!!! The more that rise up, the less government & the NWO will tend to carry on their oppressions of our health!!!