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Saturday, 12 October 2013

"The Answer To Cancer Is 'NOT' Handing Over Your Jewellery - The Answer To Cancer Is Knowledge"

"Life Is Precious Campaign"
Ellica Kaliff
"Cancer Knowledge"
Below is the crap the Jersey Evening Post wrote.
Note that the JEP approach is to advertise for collecting as much wealth as possible, and yet, getting the right advice and treatment just never seems to come into the equation. Why would any sane human being accept being treated for cancer with chemical poisons & radiation that almost inevitably give you cancer? Simple, there are very few people out there telling the truth about cancer as most people don't know the truth about cancer, including many doctors!

Remember that chemotherapy annihilates your immune system, your immune system is the only thing that is going to save you.
Your first few goals should be to immediately change your diet to raw fruit and vegetables (preferably alkaline) which should be mushed in a blender then drunk, or better still, pressed with a high quality juicer. Stop your intake of almost all sugars except those contained in the fresh fruit as sugar feeds cancer. Get as much oxygen into your system as possible (exercise - slow deep breathing through your nose), and get your body slightly alkaline to a PH level of around 7.35 an environment in which cancer cannot survive.

It is also essential to only drink pure water as tap water is usually full of chlorine and fluoride amongst a whole host of other agricultural chemicals that seep through the ground into the water table. Invest in a high quality water distiller which will cost around £120.

Very important also to read up about enzymes and the magic they perform inside you.

The BLUE link above will tell you everything else you need to know about beating cancer without poisoning yourself to death.
Well done to Ellica for lightening the burden of sufferers :)

"The JEP Articles"
AN appeal with a message to Islanders about cancer and an opportunity for them to support patients has been launched.
Called Life is Precious, the appeal is launched on World Hospice Day in the name of 37-year-old Ellica Kaliff, who overlooked a small blemish on her skin and is now receiving treatment for breast cancer.
Her mother, Isabella Lewis, was so moved by her daughter’s experience and the sight of other women her age receiving chemotherapy for cancer that she decided to start a campaign to advise others to have a health check-up if they found an unusual blemish, a change in a mole on their skin, or they continued to feel unwell.
She said: ‘My message is that people should not be afraid of having regular check-ups. We do it for our pets and our cars, yet we don’t think to do it for ourselves and our families.’
To draw attention to the appeal, a large photograph of Ellica with the campaign message is being erected on the side of the Thomas Cook building which faces the Co-op at Charing Cross.
The appeal is also aimed at raising funds for a project for Jersey Hospice Care by asking Islanders to donate jewellery, either in memory of a loved one or because they no longer wanted it.
The campaign, which is supported by the Jersey Evening Post, has been co-ordinated by former radio and television presenter and producer Fiona Walker, who said that Isabella had contacted her earlier in the year and told her of her daughter’s illness.
Items of jewellery can be handed in at Aurum Jersey in Charing Cross, Catherine Best at the Windmill in St Peter, Motor Mall, or Clarkson House.
If the jewellery needs to be collected, contact Mrs Walker on 07797 747721, or Ms Beale on 07797 779190 or by email at to make the arrangements.


  1. "Annual accounts are not, in most cases, required. However, the Taxes Office can request accounts at any time to ensure that income is solely being used for charitable purposes. "


  2. Wtf... a load of bs I am afraid. Why support this load of bs for Jersey Hospice when you already have breast cancer awareness.

    Another charity start up. Perhaps the Transport Minister is building up his retirement package?

  3. Mrs Lewis on the other hand is ready to prepare herself for standing for election in 2014.

    1. Aaah, I had no idea where you were going with that one hence the exclamation mark.

      I just hope Ellica & others see this posting and gets some proper treatment.