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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"Protector of Child Rapist Should Resign - Who Will Make The Call?"

‘Scrap States Members’ pay rise and fund a nursing post’

St John Constable Phil Rondel
THE saving made by not giving States Members a pay rise next year could fund a new nursing post at the Hospital, according to the Constable of St John.
Phil Rondel has lodged a proposition with the States calling for the proposed pay increase of £600 per Member from 1 January not to be implemented.
The 1.4 per cent pay rise – which would bring the annual salary for Members to £42,600 plus expenses – was recommended by the States Members’ Remuneration Review Body, which is independent of the States.
Incredible isn't it, that a States politician can give a character reference in favour of a child rapist and still be allowed to sit in government dictating to other politicians that their pay rise should go towards employing an extra nurse.
Perhaps Rondel should have asked for the money to go towards a fund for child rape victims, but that would have been a little to much for this particular pig to stomach!!!

"Phil Rondel and his mate Brian"
 Taxi driver and child rapist - Brian Downs

How can any of our States members sit in the same chamber as scum like Rondel?
Who in the States Chamber will demand his resignation?
Will this matter even be raised?
Who even gives a shit in Jersey?


  1. Dirty Bastard. Is as bad as dirty bastard who raped the child. The man should be jailed as an accomplice.

  2. Rondel's bro is also the Top twat of the masons

  3. How come a shit-bag like that is allowed to drive a taxi?

    1. I suspect he doesn't any more anon, one would hope his license was revoked, but this IS Jersey!

    2. I bet he's been given a job driving the school bus!

  4. Rondel is a Pig, end of. Just look at him.