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Friday, 25 October 2013

"Ozo The Bozo Careful Not To Disclose How Much Government Profits From A Pint"

Profit margin on alcohol investigated

Jersey's Treasury Minister, Phillip Ozouf is calling on retailers to justify their profit margin on alcohol. 

Government figures suggest once the tax has been stripped away, there's a difference of £1 in the price of a pint of beer and more than £2 on a litre of whisky between Jersey and the UK. 

In a statement from the budget the Treasury Minister said: 

"I have also considered carefully the on going and as yet unexplained high margins that exist on virtually all products that carry duty.

"Whilst those in the industry have lobbied they still have not explained why it is that when duty and tax are stripped out the underlying costs of these products is so high.

"My message to members is that their benevolence in not increasing duties in the past has not always translated into lower consumer prices but what appears to be higher margins. I am willing to have a debate about this between now and the budget debate in December. "

Same old dross from Ozouf, all mouth and no action.

He said the exact same crap about tobacco prices yet nothing has transpired after his pledge to look into matters. How much tax/duty is put on tobacco and alcohol Phil?

Alcohol and cigarettes cost literally pennies to produce, the rest is pure profit, but for who?

Any chance of some honest and concise answers for once?

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  1. You do not need to be clever to identify the problem, pure and simply GREED, rents, food, everything you care to mention, this is one of the greediest places on this planet, and the quality of life is deteriorating rapidly, like being on a treadmill, people are working just to pay bills, no small wonder that depression in the no.1 reason for people "on the sick"11