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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"Mustard Seed Charity - Another Crock of Jersey Shit"

Time to get those shoe boxes packed

Jersey based charity Mustard Seed are appealing for donations for their Christmas 'shoe box' campaign.

The idea is to have the boxes packed and wrapped by early November. 

They will then be loaded on to a lorry and driven to Romania where they will be handed out.

Last year, 2,850 shoeboxes went to Romania.

The charity has a list of recommended items to go into the boxes.

Children's boxes:

Fun items: Car, teddy, toy animals, musical instrument, mask, soft ball, etc

Educational items: Items to write with: pencils, pens, crayons, felt pens depending on age group, Paper to write on, notebook, etc.

Toiletries: toothbrush, tooth paste, soap 

Clothing: new hat, gloves, socks, scarf – size appropriate to age-group.

In children’s boxes please include one or two items of both clothing and toiletries but please do NOT include sweets, liquids or anything breakable.

For pensioners boxes and victims of people trafficking:- Toiletries 4 + bars soap, shampoo/body wash, [liquids in sturdy bottles and double sealed please], toothbrush & paste, face flannel, washing powder (if space), hand cream, razors for men, makeup for young women, etc

At least one item warm clothes (preferably more) socks, gloves, hat, scarf, etc.

The style and colour of items of clothing should reflect whether for a trafficked victim average age 18-30 or a pensioner. Elderly pensioners usually wear dark colours in Romania.

Yeah, yeah, we help the world, blah blah blah....

Fucking Mustard Seed?

Do you know what I learned about mustard seeds when I was very young?

"The teacher is only as rain to the soil, he cannot grow pomegranates from mustard seeds"

How much does it cost to send a fully equipped and manned lorry, or however many lorries, to Romania?

How much to buy the same commodities in Romania? Then simply distribute them to the people via a trusted and credible organisation in that country?


Some filthy greedy stinking Jersey bastard somewhere will be creaming something out of this piss pathetic organisation somewhere along the line :(


  1. " How much to buy the same commodities in Romania? Then simply distribute them to the people via a trusted and credible organisation in that country?"

    More incredibly, everyday items such as toiletries, washing powder, cleaning goods are more expensive locally. I supported the charity for about 7 years until I lost my job and left Jersey. I sent shoeboxes to the family I sponsored, saw pics of them being distributed and met the Romainan charity workers when they came to Jersey. I even got a video thanking me from the family I sponsor.

    A mate of mine a truck driver went over and drove the truck for them and met the people who benefit from the charity, he helped distribute the shoeboxes. Kid dressed in rags, elderly people who would die but for the money generated and goods given by this charity.

    It's not perfect, Romanian border guards must be bribed, some goods are stolen but almost all of the aid gets to those in need. Mustard Seed also built and pay for a home for the kids, I know Rose Helie who started and following the recent death of her husband runs the charity and she's a good woman.

    In the grand scale of things it's a sticking plaster on a gaping would but ask those who benefit from it if it's worthwhile, their loaf of bread a day for the worst months of winter policy kept many alive who would otherwise perish due to the cold as they would have been forced to spend what little money they have on heating or food, they could not afford both, the choice really is that stark.

    I agree with much of what you say Ian but you are wrong on this one.

    1. I have no objection to helping anyone who needs help anon, indeed, up until my heart attack I sponsored a little girl in China and a little boy in Malawi. My trouble with it all is this, every time Jersey does anything, Jersey does it in the most expensive manner imaginable. Take a recent example where 50 odd cyclists are travelling to China to peddle away for charity, and hoping to raise £100,000 in the process...."HOPING"? It must have cost at least that much to get them there! By the sounds of it, it will take a miracle just to break even, the only beneficiaries being the ones who went on the trip!!!

      There are honourable charities doing the same work, and with far greater resources that guarantee the money and goods will get to their intended destination. One of these organisations being Plan UK which will not deal with rogue states, and who's accounts are always open to public scrutiny for anyone to view. The fuel costs alone travelling to Romania would probably render the entire trip worthless from a monetary standpoint, why not use well established world wide charities such as Plan UK, and maximise the effect of the kind people who donate to these needy causes?

  2. Ian thanks for responding and explaining your viewpoint, it's certainly true that aid to Romania or anywhere else could be coordinated more efficiently and effectively using and external agency with greater resources. The problem is that those individuals who have chosen to support the charity would likely not have become involved if the charity base was not local.

    You can read much into this, the Jersey mentality of charity starts at home ( wtf does that mean anyway? ) the desire for recognition and reward for assisting others ( I want people to know I'm generous and caring ) all are relevant elements but for me the bottom line is this.

    Which mechanism would have achieved the greater level of assistance for those in need, a local charity encouraging people to become involved with trips to Romania and to sponsor those in need in the country or an external agency, more cost efficient able to achieve more with less resources - on paper it would be the external non Jersey based organisation. Sadly we don't live on paper, Jersey has a small town mentality, prejudiced, discriminatory and biased but you know what, I don't care what the views or political alignments of the contributors are it's as simple as this with me, kids are clothed, people are fed who in my humble view would otherwise not have been.

    Blame the contributors, not the charity itself.

    Ian honestly I didn't post this to be printed, simply to demonstrate a counter point and to demonstrate what I believe to be the reality of the situation.

    Keep it up fella, the voice in the wilderness while small is significant.

    1. I must concur with everything you have written, and I was a bit harsh with my posting the other night but with good reason to be rather irate. Jersey social security are currently trying to starve me to death whilst paying my landlord nearly £300 a week and expecting me to pay my bills, feed and clothe myself on £30 a week. I shall be posting on this, and other social security cases over the weekend and next week. Anyone else who wishes to air their case please contact me on any comment section on this blog, the more the merrier.