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Friday, 11 October 2013

"Money For Nothing - Suicide & Government Hypocrisy"

No agreement on reform after day of debate

STATES Members spent all day Wednesday considering how the systems and processes of the political system in Jersey could be improved.
The House held an informal debate – following which no vote was taken – to gauge feedback to a series of recommendations from a sub-committee of the reform and standards committee, Privileges and Procedures.
And Members appeared to agree on just one thing – they all have very different views on the best way forward.
The feedback from Members during the in committee debate, which relaxed some of the rules for normal debates and allowed Members to speak more than once and discuss their views and ideas, will now be used by PPC to formulate its final proposals for reforming the machinery of government. Those proposals will then be lodged with the States for debate.

States Members may be in line for pay increase

STATES Members could be in line for another pay rise this coming January.
Although a number of public sector unions, including those representing teachers and manual workers, are still locked in dispute with the States over pay, the independent body which governs Members’ salary has recommended a £600 increase for 2014.
But the States Members’ Remuneration Review Body has determined that the £4,000 annual expenses allowance should not change.
It is ultimately up to the Senators, Deputies and Constables to decide whether to accept the rise and a number of the House declined taking an £818 pay increase, or donated the extra money to charity, last year.
Any Member that feels strongly against the award can also lodge a proposition for the Assembly to debate the recommendations of the States Members’ Remuneration Review Body.
If no proposition is lodged by November 7, the 1.4 per cent increase will be automatically implemented.
In its report, the review body stated that there were likely to be pay increases in both the public and private sector next year.
It said: ‘Looking ahead, we note the public sector pay increase of 4 per cent currently for 2014, subject to an agreement on modernisation.
‘We are informed that private sector pay increases proposed for 2014 are likely to be somewhat higher than in the last few years.
‘Historically, the general increase varied depending on the specific industry within the private sector.
‘Current information suggest that pattern will be repeated and it appears that, while some employers may be anticipating an increase of, say, around four per cent, others may still be contemplating no increase at all.’
The review body also said that is planning to launch a public consultation next year asking Islanders how States Members should be paid in future.
The report stated that the consultation will be used to try and create a modern remuneration structure for the Assembly.
"A £600 Pay Rise?"

WoHo!!! That amount is exactly how much I receive from Social Security to pay my bills, buy household essentials, clothe, feed and water myself for the duration of....

"Seventeen Weeks!!!"
Is it any wonder so many people commit suicide in Jersey?

Are the Jersey Government using Social Security as a weapon against poor people and dissenters whilst paying off every parasites mortgage for them in the process?

I will be starting my Social Security postings shortly.

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