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Monday, 7 October 2013

"Justice Select Committee & Jersey - Template Letter Rash - The Cover up Continues"

"Jersey Corruption Victims Ignored 

By England"

Below is my statement to the Justice Select Committee, and although I knew it would never be published, I still felt utterly compelled in wasting my time compiling it.


"Those who deny evil in man remain weak and defenceless. Deal with evil through strength - but affirm the good in man through trust. In this way we prepare for Evil, but we encourage Good."

Ok, did I fail? No! Rather, they failed me, and themselves in that they are not men of faith, character, or honour....However, my trust in man is still intact, it is this trust that will ultimately determine whether the human race will survive in the coming years. The moment we allow charlatans, liars and corrupt cowards to diminish our faith and trust in our fellow human beings, we know it is truly over for us.

"Distrust is the shield of the weak. It affirms the evil in man by denying the opportunity of good."

Here be Pirates!!!
Written Evidence of Ian Evans

I am a victim of Jersey corruption of some twenty five years, and I am writing to the Committee in the hope of achieving some small strand of justice and rule of law for myself and my fellow islanders. It is quite evident that Jersey government is a Feudal criminal regime run for those who have, whilst completely disregarding the wishes and concerns of those who have not. Below is a detailed list of the many problems that I have personally encountered within the system and its operations. Please take note that these instances are extremely well evidenced and documented. I am more than happy to give detailed evidence at any Justice Committee hearing should I be required to do so.

Police issues that must be addressed.
1. The dishonesty of police officers when filing statements of incidents.
2. The shocking rate of police assaults when arresting individuals for misdemeanours.
3. The ever increasing instances of perjury committed by police officers when giving court evidence.
4. Failure by the police to even acknowledge complaints of criminality against fellow officers or other agents of government.
5. Refusal by the police to disclose evidence of criminality against themselves or their fellow officers, or other agents of government.
6. The refusal of senior officers to address complaints within a reasonable time frame (some cases over two years).
7. The refusal to suspend any officer accused of a serious crime.
8. The refusal to initiate independent investigation of serious crimes by police officers or agents of government.

Court issues that must be addressed.
9. The refusal of Magistrates/Judges/Commissioners/Jurats to confirm and operate under their Oath of Office when challenged to do so.
10. The utter refusal of Magistrates/Judges/Commissioners/Jurats to acquit an accused when no evidence of wrongdoing has been submitted to the Court.
11. The doctoring of trial recordings in the Royal Court before said recordings are sent for transcription.
12. The doctoring of trial recordings in the Magistrates Court before said recordings are sent for transcription.
13. The refusal of the Courts to provide clear guidelines on sentencing policy.
14. The refusal of the Courts to provide copies of the law to litigants in person written in a language they understand.
15. The refusal of the Courts to acknowledge ECHR and UDHR rights and freedoms.
16. The regularity with which magistrates commit fraud on the Court and on the people when dealing with alleged debt, fines, etc. etc.

Lawyer/Advocate issues that must be addressed.
17. The alarming manner in which lawyers and advocates bow to the Courts wishes when allegedly defending their clients.
18. The extortionate charges levelled against those with no ability to pay.
19. The disgraceful monopoly to practice that exists for Jersey lawyers.
20. The manner in which lawyers lie to, and even blackmail their clients, when their overriding duty is to protect corrupt acts of criminality by other agents of government.
21. The pitiful complaints process undertaken by the Jersey Law Society when dealing with complaints against fellow lawyers, and the Law Society’s refusal to make available for scrutiny, documents that they have relied on to acquit their fellow club members.
22. The outright refusal of some lawyers/advocates to do as they are instructed by their clients.

General Law issues that must be addressed.
23. The astonishing refusal of the Home Affairs Department, the Bailiffs Office, and the Office of Lieutenant Governor to address matters of corruption, or to even give a response to most complaints.
24. The conflicts of interest that are constantly ignored by these government bodies.
25. The inability of the Judicial Greffe to supply anything written in English that is required by litigants in person (rules of procedure) etc. etc.
26. The complete failure of the Crown Dependencies Team to deal with complaints of a criminal nature from Jersey. Said complaints being dismissed instantly via an unsigned template letter, then the matter being reverted back to Jersey to be dealt with by the criminals complained of?
27. Perhaps the most alarming point in my evidence is that there is no ability in Jersey (so we are told) to take out a private criminal prosecution against those who have wronged us. I am reminded constantly that the Attorney General is the sole prosecuting authority on the island, if he does not want to prosecute, there is no remedy open to the common man for redress, this is so wrong.

I shall cut off at this point as I could write reams on this subject. I hope my evidence has enlightened, and indeed, alarmed the Committee, and that the Committee Members will heed and seek to reform the dire situation that is so obviously affecting the rights and freedoms of the good people of Jersey.

I am grateful to the Committee for their time and effort in reviewing the issues that I have raised.

Below we have a few mass produced template letters (unsigned of course) which England rely on to deter the humble abused peasants of Jersey from pursuing their quest for justice in the septic isle. I also received one of these templates, but I am unable to locate it at this present time.

In the comments section of the above link, Rico shared with us a response he received from the same source, the similarities are strikingly uncanny!

Dear Mr R Sorda,

Subject: Graham Powers Judicial Review – Conflict of Interest

Thank you for your email dated 10 May 2012 copied to the Secretary of State of Ministry of Justice, in which you raise your concerns about the conflict of interest of Mr. Graham Powers in relation to his Judicial Review. Your email has been forwarded to the Crown Dependencies Team as we are responsible for managing the relationship between the UK and Crown Dependencies. I have been asked to reply.

At the outset, I should explain that Jersey is not a part of the United Kingdom. It is an internally self-governing Dependency of the Crown with its own legislative assembly, its own administrative, fiscal and legal systems and its own courts of law.

Consequently, the Judicial Review and any conflict of interest relating to it, are a domestic matter for the Jersey legal system (Courts) and not an issue upon which it would be appropriate for the Ministry of to intervene or comment upon.

Yours sincerely,

Manjula Rettna Kumar
Crown Dependencies Team

Cyril wrote back requesting clarification of the letters contents and also asked some very uncomfortable questions himself, questions they will not want to answer.
The Email that Cyril sent is below

Date: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 9:47 AM
Subject: your letter of 20th August 2012

Dear Manjula Rettna Kumar,

Thank you for your letter of 20th August 2012.

This email is to seek clarification, from you, on the contents of your letter mentioned above.
I would appreciate if you or the team could answer the following questions (1-7).

1) What factually is the Crown as mentioned in your letter?
2) What exactly does Jersey depend on the Crown for?
3) What exactly are the responsibilities of the Crown to the people of Jersey?
You state that the Crown Dependencies Team manage the relationship between the UK and Crown Dependencies
4) What exactly is the relationship between the UK and Crown Dependencies?
5) Is Jersey part of Great Britain?
6) Is Jersey part of the British Isles?
7) Is Jersey a member of the Commonwealth?

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

Yours Sincerely

Cyril Vibert

As you have probably guessed by now, Cyril has had no response.
He sent a further Email which is below.

Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 3:52 PM
Subject: my email of 24th August 2012

For the public record.

Dear Team,

I emailed you on 24th August 2012 asking for clarification of your letter to me of 20th August 2012.
I have, as yet, to receive a response from any of the 'team'.

Please respond to the questions raised in that email and let me know if the Crown Dependencies Team is subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Thank You,

cyril vibert

Of course, Cyril received no response to this letter either.

"The Home Office"

Moving on now to a few mass produced templates from the 90's featuring the Constitutional and Community Policy Directorate Constitutional Unit.

Notice how the letters are also virtually the same? Even sent en mass, on exactly the same day, probably to save a couple of quid on postage!!!

"Jersey's Corrupt Template Letters"

Below we have some other examples of template denial of justice by Jersey's finest law enforcement authorities, just to prove to you that it is not only the British authorities that perpetrate deception by mass template :)

Responses from the A.G

Responses from the Jersey Police

Responses from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority

"Case Summaries"

After the initial instigation of these complaints, neither complainant was afforded the opportunity to have any further input into these inquiries.

Neither complainant was invited to give any evidence at any of the subsequent hearings (if there actually were any hearings) to determine the innocence or guilt of the officers concerned.

It would appear that the Jersey Police Complaints Authority
is still little more than a rubber stamp
for police and judicial corruption.

The Saga Continues....


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      Is that who I think it is? And less of the Sir, also, I am simply a flesh and blood man :)

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