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Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Justice Select Committee & Jersey - A Turn Of Events"

"Ian & Maria Get Published"

Well well, isn't that a coincidence?

After publishing my evidence on the blogs last Monday (along with Deputy Trevor Pitman) to the Justice Select Committee, suddenly my evidence appears on the Justice Select Committee website? Please see link below.

Maria Le Fustec's evidence also appears today on the same website. If readers cast their minds back to last Monday they will remember that I posted template letters involving myself and Maria, and a number of other people. Did these letters influence the publication of mine, and Maria's evidence today?

What are the ramifications, if any, of myself and Deputy Trevor Pitman publishing our evidence before the Justice Select Committee published it? Will they now deem our evidence null and void? Will our evidence be struck from any part of future proceedings? Why have Deputy Pitman's submissions not been published? Why have VFC's submissions not been published even though they were submitted before mine?

Interesting times ahead!


  1. And still Deputy Trevor Pitman's submission doesn't appear either.

    What is going through their minds to make them avoid posting any for months on end, and then when they finally do post some, they don't publish ALL of them?

    1. When it is not good news for them, and the consequences are accountability, they like to trickle the info out onto the world stage Sam. This creates large gaps of time in the release of the evidence designed solely to lessen the public's attention and hopefully diminish interest, it's a very old trick....

  2. The civil servants of the Justice Select Committee will be wrestling with the magnitude of the situation they face - that they and their very, very close colleagues in the Justice Department, Privy Council, Buckingham Palace and Cabinet Office face (along with the Jersey Lieutenant Governor).

    They will - collectively - be wrestling with this disastrous mess - and trying to find a neat, plausible, diplomatic "Yes-Minister" form of words that the relevant departments and their officers can "sign up to" - and which the Committee officers can also "sign up to" - and which both groups can then traffic to their respective political bosses - and - and, note - which will be credible.

    They are all, way, way - way - down in the hole - and finally "a bigger spade" isn't going to help. Anymore.

    Those people - all of them - in their own ways - are responsible for the naked, systemic corruption, administrative psychopathy, anarchic bedlam and legal chaos which reigns, unchecked, in Jersey.

    The Crown powers in Jersey - and those parts of the Whitehall apparatus that has protected the Jersey Crown authorities - is in a state of manifest, lawless, oppressive decadence.

    And the profound problems which the London people face - is that it simply isn't disguisable any longer.

    That Whitehall apparatus is meeting its "Arab Spring"-type epochal moment of reckoning with the world wide web and citizen's media.

    Sadly for all of those London mandarins and apparatchiks their successive and compound failures - each and each again - during the last twenty years - and the last five in particular - in respect of governance and the rule of law in Jersey have - as they were always inevitably going to do - grown to Armageddon proportions.

    So much so - because of those mandarins' various gross failures - the very reputation of the British Crown & state is in jeopardy.

    Which was, I guess, the inevitable result of empowering - via Letters Patent - then letting off-the leash for so many years, and failing to reign-in, a pair of Colonel Kurtz/Apocalypse Now-type obvious functional psychopaths.

    The Justice Select Committee exercise was always going to be utterly crap.

    As I said before it began, here: -

    Indeed - we didn't even have to wait for the results. That it was empty posturing crap was starkly illustrated when the Committee came to Jersey - to be wined and dined by the very collection of senior Jersey oligarchy criminals who they should have been investigating - and who are going to have to be arrested, charged and prosecuted by the UK-appointed police force and prosecutors once the unavoidable Turks & Caicos-style intervention happens.

    There is simply no longer a "low-damage" way out for the UK, Crown and monarch.

    The only remaining curiosity, is for how much longer these clowns flail around down in the hole with that big, big spade?



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  4. Good to see your submission displayed, and Higgins but any idea why Deputy Pitmans is not on show. As an elected politician, and more high profile than your average Joe, surely they can't dismiss his.
    Is this select committee, still full of Jersey hospitality or should that be an expensive dinner with wine and one sided group think, smiling bullshit. Maybe they should read the real news and facts in the local blogs.

    Where is Pitman's submission.