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Friday, 11 October 2013

"Jersey Kids Get It With Both Barrels - But Never Fear - The Education Department Will Protect Them" LOL!!!

"Lunatic Returns To School Whilst A
Three Year Old Leaves School"

Psycho teacher, Joel Kevin Ellis Hayward, who shot a child in the face has been allowed back into Le Rocquier school to go about his daily routine.

Hayward kindly donated £1,000 cash to the private company that runs the Jersey court system and was given his job back whilst the poor old 'innocent' pistol was barred from school for life.

And not a single peep from Jersey's main stream media, I wonder why?

Please see the link below to the VoiceForChildren Blog who brought this story to us.

Boy, 3, goes missing from Centre Point Trust playgroup

Jane Moy of Centre Point Trust

A mother has said she has been left shocked and upset after her three-year-old son went missing from a Jersey play care centre.
The boy was under the care of staff at St Helier's Centre Point Trust when he went missing for 15 minutes on Monday.
His mother, who asked not to be named, said a passer-by had found the boy on the road outside the centre.
The trust's chief executive Jane Moy said an internal investigation into the incident was underway.
The mother said her son, who started at the centre at the end of September, had been left distressed.
She said during the time he was missing, her son had walked more than 500 yards (450m) up the road because he thought his playgroup had left without him.
She added that after being told about the incident by staff, she had taken both her children out of the playgroup.
Ms Moy said the trust was liaising with the Education Department, which governs licences for child care groups.
She said the matter was being taken extremely seriously but added it would not be appropriate to comment further until the outcome of the investigation.

"Safe In Their Hands"
Oh well, nothing to worry about then, the education department is on it, the very same idiots who banned starting pistols from schools whilst allowing the mindless imbecile wielding the pistol, to stay at school?

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  1. It is right to question the ability of the staff where children may be deposited whether it be a nursery, creche facility or anywhere that a parent is expecting to be able to leave their child in a supervised situation. I have recent experience of a worker leaving a child unattended within a supervisory area and the mother had to go back unexpectedly and found the child unsupervised. You can imagine the mother's reactiion that child was taken away immediately and the worker was reported to the owner of the establishment. Soon after that Creche facility was not available anymore. It must be hard to find suitable conscientious staff to staff such areas. A sign of the times probably. People are to flippant and life seems to be cheap now.