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Monday, 7 October 2013

"Jersey Architects Stiffed By Ozo The Bozo"

UK architects paid £700,000 in fees for new finance centre

ALMOST three quarters of a million pounds has been spent on UK architects’ fees for the Island’s new finance centre, leaving Jersey’s design industry furious at being overlooked.
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has revealed that around £900,000 has been spent so far on the Jersey International Finance Centre – the Esplanade Car Park development that will form the future heart of the Island’s finance industry – with £700,000 spent on architects’ fees for professionals from outside of Jersey.
The move goes against the grain of States calls to use local talent for Island projects and has been condemned by the Association of Jersey Architects.
But Senator Ozouf has dismissed claims that local architects were ignored, saying that when a firm was needed to work on the finance centre designs the Jersey companies able to handle the work had already been engaged in competing projects.


  1. Err um,? why is there a long red thing in his ass...or am I being naive

  2. Someone has had an almighty backhander here..who allocated this job out...?..and was it put out to tender,? can we know..?

  3. Remember Senator McLean`s slogan "think twice, buy Jersey" pity they did not practice what they preach!
    As for backhanders, it was the same with the Incinerator, that cost £50million more than it should have, Babcock & Wilcox were told not to tender, the whole thing stinks of corruption!