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Monday, 14 October 2013

"How The States of Jersey Police Cover Up Machine Really Works" PART 6

"Police & Complaints Authority Cover Up A Complaint That Was Never Even Made?"

Barry Taylor - Still in denial


"Part Six - The Usual Letters"

Finally here we are with part 6 and the nonsense continues.

After the unlawful raid on my home, the theft of my property, and my subsequent heart attack, I set about trying to obtain some answers which resulted in part 4 of this series which is linked above.

After receiving only vague answers from Barry Taylor to about a third of my questions, I asked for full and accurate answers to all of my questions. The answer I got is below.

Notice how Mr Taylor makes no mention of the unanswered questions I wrote about other than stating "there is no further comment I would wish to add at this stage".

Clearly he has simply dismissed the notion that he is obliged to answer them, and the fact that I am lawfully entitled to have these questions answered. I asked these questions as I wished to consider lodging complaints against those who had initiated my wrongful arrest, an arrest for which I was never even charged with any crime.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, the police seemed to initiate an investigation of their own accord against Inspector Le Hegerat who had not answered my original letter. I found this a little odd since I had never made a formal complaint against Insp Le Hegerat? It is also clear to me that she was told not to answer my letter.

In August I received another letter from Mr Taylor reiterating his position that he had no intention of answering my questions, this letter also contained the result of the investigation that the police had initiated themselves. As you might have guessed by now, they found the complaint (that was never actually made) to be unsubstantiated! LOL

The letter is below.

Well, after that little surprise I just couldn't wait to hear from that wonderful force for honesty, integrity, and transparency that oversees all these thorough police investigations, you know, the Jersey Police Complaints Authority.

The letter is below.

Again they harp on about my complaint (that I never made) against Inspector Le Hegerat, and which, according to them, was lodged on the 4th of February 2013.


My complaint of the 4th of Feb 2013 was against Chief Officer Mike Bowron.


Chief Officer Mike Bowron
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier

Dear Chief Officer Mike Bowron

I have been advised by Sir Michael Birt, Bailiff of Jersey, through what I presume to be a dictate from him via Mr Filipponi, his Chief Officer, that a complaint against a police officer must be addressed to the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police.

Therefore, I hereby notify you that I wish to lodge a formal complaint against the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Mike Bowron, namely yourself. Of course, I realise how utterly ludicrous this sounds, nevertheless, I am led to believe that I am obliged to follow protocol until such time as all avenues in Jersey have been exhausted. Only then will I have the opportunity to take this matter to the Justice Minister for some proper adjudication and sanity.

In the meantime, I would hope that you will investigate yourself with some degree of impartiality and transparency regardless of the conflict of interest that is staring us starkly in the face.
I have enclosed my initial request for information addressed to Insp Le Hegerat, this is followed by my complaint against yourself made to Mr Birt, and also, a copy of the rather bizarre instruction I received from Mr Filipponi.

Yours sincerely


Below is another letter from the Jersey Police Complaint Authority addressed to Mike Bowron in conjunction with the complaint that was never made against Inspector Le Hegerat. It is interesting to note the date of the letter, and who it was copied to.

So there we go, a fine lesson in how to cover up the wrongdoing of police officers who were never even complained about, whilst totally ignoring the complaint against the officer who was complained about....

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up"

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