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Saturday, 19 October 2013

"How The Fu*k Can You Exclude Housing From The Cost Of Living?"

Island is winning war on inflation

Housing costs have increased by 1.2%, the lowest rise since 2009

JERSEY appears to be winning the battle against inflation with the cost of living excluding housing at the lowest level since records began.
For the 12 months to the end of September, the index known as the RPI(X) rose by 1.4%, the lowest level seen since that monitoring of that statistic began in 1997.
And the main RPI, including housing costs, increased by 1.2% in the same period, the lowest rise in prices since the recession started biting in 2009.
The numbers have been described as ‘encouraging’ and ‘good news’ by Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean.
"Jersey Is Full Of Shyte"
It might interest readers (outside of Jersey) to know that the cheapest one bedroom flat will cost you at least £200 per week. Then you can bang your water, electricity and rates on top of that, swiftly followed by weekly parking charges.
Then you can start looking at tax and social security payments which should even out about 30% in the pound, and all this is before you have even bought a bag of bread!!!
Average shopping costs per adult are about £100 per week, so unless you earn at least £500 per week, you are not even going to cover your costs living in Jersey
That is the reality of their bullshit....


  1. "Jersey is winning the war against inflation" what a load of crap!, the elections are drawing closer, I just hope that Messr`s Ozouf and McClean are kicked into the long grass!!

  2. I only hope all the corrupt idiots we have elected are giving the two fingers.

    Anyone standing should have the balls to stand up to the incompetent civil service we employ.

  3. Ozouf will never get kicked into touch, reason being that he is one of the Gatekeepers for all Tax evasion of corporate entities across the UK and Europe.

    Simple, to much corporate interest and all the local corrupt sods will go out their way to keep him in. Even if he is involved in wasting Tax Payer's money on such a scale that it equals to gross misconduct in the eyes of many with evidential claims.

  4. I would be surprised if Ozouf is re-elected, he scraped in by the skin of his teeth the last time, people are sick of him, his spin, his lies, they are all a bunch of evil corrupt bastards!

  5. He also is one of the main architects of WEBs replacement Jersey Development Company Ltd.

    Were you aware that staff from WEB were signed up on new contracts for the new wider powered JDCltd before it was debated in the States.

    As treasurer he signs the big cheques.

    He is up to his neck in it, arms length, development underwritten if it goes belly up by you the taxpayer. As the saying goes in good corruption books, just follow the money honey.

  6. What a load of waffle above I hope, he hopes,

    Get out and take your friends with you to vote, then he won't get in again.

    Remember Cohen, voters kicked him out, its says what it is on the sodden tin, use yours.

    1. "VOTE"

      Are you completely stupid?

      Since when did voting change anything? Are Jersey peeps that thick they think that another vote will make the slightest bit of difference?

      Cross off all the nominees and sign you paper "NONE OF THE ABOVE - NONE FIT FOR PURPOSE"

  7. Imogin Nichols wrote that her not getting elected was a loss to the island, John " the cavern " live in France Carter cried and could not believe he had not got back in.
    Freddie " I love Portlet " Cohen loved the power and the benefits the States brought him but was still kicked out, by VOTERS.
    If Eastern Germany can come back from a crap corrupt Government so can Jersey.