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Monday, 21 October 2013

"How About Protecting Children From Government?"

How far should we go to protect children from cigarette smoke?

Swine Flu Sue - Likes the odd porkie

Time is running out to have your say on extending smoke-free spaces in Jersey.

What islanders say now will shape new rules to protect people from breathing in smoke fumes.

So far around 2,500 islanders have responded to the consultation which closes on 31 October. The aim is to find out what the general views are about smoking in places where children may be present.

Medical Officer of Health, Dr Susan Turnbull, says the consultation is an opportunity that is "too important for the people of Jersey to miss". "It will shape how we go forward with advice to the Minister, based on how much public appetite there is out there for pushing a little further to extend smoke-free places in the Island," she said.

According to Dr Turnbull, scientific evidence indicates there is no risk-free level of exposure to second-hand smoke. "Breathing even a little is bad for your health. Many children remain exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke, putting them at increased risk of a range of health problems including asthma and cot death."

For more information and to complete an online survey, please visit or the facebook page protecting children from second-hand smoke.

Fantastic isn't it?

Whenever the government goons finish babbling the government shit, they always refer us to one of their government links! Try one of mine below.

Quite remarkably, the government blame us for the cancer stat's that are about to rise to one in two who will get cancer. Of course, and as per usual, it's nothing to do with the causes mentioned in my link.

If I were you, Dr Susan Turnbull, I would start looking after children by not sticking them with some of the worlds deadliest heavy metals through your shitty vaccines.

Sort out your fixation with Radon gas which you still deny.

Try and do some research on chemtrails (geoengineering) for your Asthma theories, even the damp air is more likely to cause asthma than the odd whiff of a cigarette.

Your cot death number is also linked to electromagnetic radiation saturation which is now flooding the planet, yet you don't mention that?

Neither do you mention fluoride, Why not? Why the warnings on toothpaste boxes Sue?

Why aren't you encouraging everyone to get their mercury fillings removed Sue? After all, you must know they are causing cancer!

In fact Sue....

You never seem to mention anything that will prevent any of these ailments or diseases?

You never ever promote healthy eating, certainly not that I have seen.

You never give a scrap of advice on natural remedies.

You know how easy it is to cure cancer yet you remain silent.

You allow limbs to be hacked off because of infection when you know full well what the benefits of ionic colloidal silver are!

I think you will say what your told to Sue!!!


  1. Nothing to do with kids or smoke...Govt want power and control....they are diseased by the illusion of control and can not bear anyone who can think for themselves they must be exterminated.