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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Good Riddance!!!"

"Another Rat Leaves The Sinking Ship"


  1. Looks like the child abuse cover up continues.

  2. What a shame the top job has gone to somebody straight out of the Chris Bright Mould when there was a great opportunity to turn that paper around and bring in a fresh face with a fresh approach. The abuse cover up will certainly stay on track now.

  3. Bright never stood up to the plate....Had a golden opportunity to serve his island....again and again fawned to the establishment and sucked the corporate cock...waste of a whole career a coward.

  4. No comments allowed on this story, any decent newspaper that had attempted to report honestly, fairly and be in touch with it's readership, would have allowed comments.

    The comments would have read something like below, for a paper that had cared about its readers and holding to account wrongdoing:

    Thank you Editor Chris Bright for reporting the truth.

    The article on the States member who stole data was excellent, your honesty and integrity will hopefully be in safe hands and carried forward.

    The Evening Post a credit to journalism, thanks Mr Bright wish you a happy retirement.

    That is of course if the Jersey Evening Post had been an honest a decent newspaper under Mr Bright.

    Being a load of s***e they probably new what was coming and new they are not respected, so stopped any comments. They got one thing right.

  5. The longest serving Editor of any "newspaper" anywhere in the UK, pure and simply because he pandered to every wish of the "Establishment" and has spent the last 20 years licking a**e
    He was "ex" a heavy-handed piss-head!

    1. Alcoholism is an awful affliction changing people so much for the worst, I know, I've been there....