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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Freedom Of Information Law - Transparent Government - Flying Pigs & Unicorns"

"A Little More Jersey Fantasy!"

Well now, what surprises are we in for this time? Will they be charging us for the info? Will any info be going walkies between now and 2015? How many restrictions will be imposed? What will those restrictions be? How will we know that we have received all the information pertaining to our requests? Can we ever trust Jersey governance?

Most concerning of all is what they put in place for the interim period since the law was passed back in 2011, and all the relentless blatant documented corruption that has gone on since this law was approved.

And I Quote....

"In the meantime, a voluntary Freedom of Information code is in place, which sets a framework for openness without government departments being legally required to provide information"

If the above is any guideline for their plans about this new law and it's implementation, we are indeed back to square one on any issue of transparency.

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  1. It won't be worth the paper it's written on and the cover up of child abuse will remain the legacy of the Council Of Ministers and Justice system in Jersey.

  2. "We like to voluntarily divulge what we are hiding from you so there's simply no need to require that we do."

  3. lets make fools out of them iphone app funny

  4. Greetings all!

    Although the Freedom of Information Law does not come into force until 01/01/15 there is a CURRENT States Policy to disclose in practice, as if the Law was in fact in place.

    In the event that the States department does not disclose there is an appeal system and if this is not successful then by the time you have done this, the LAW will takeover and they will have to disclose!

    So WHY are you waiting!

  5. In addition to the above FOI Law, remember the disclosure facility - "Subject data access" ( Jersey Data Prot Law) which you can run concurrently to any FOI request.

    This should prevent some excuses by States departments for not disclosing and also look at the Administrative Decisions Jersey Law and also a Judicial review by the Royal Court which I believe is free!l

    The latter will be considered by Jurats to overturn any previously made decision by a States employee - do your research!!