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Monday, 21 October 2013

"Dream On Mr Walusimbi - Jersey Hates It's Own People"

Jersey company ‘has ruined our lives’

Dalton Walusimbi with his wife and family

AN African businessman who says his life has been ruined by a Jersey company is desperately appealing for Island authorities to act to save his family and others in the developing world.
A year ago Ugandan entrepreneur Dalton Walusimbi paid second-hand clothes exporter Parisma £27,000 for a container-load of used shoes.
But to date he has received a fraction of what he has ordered, and what he has been sent is, he says, of such poor quality that it is worthless. Mr Walusimbi is owed £15,000 and says that the debt has left him ‘living a nightmare’ on the tough streets of Kampala.
Last week Parisma owner Michelle Yuksel issued a statement promising to repay what she owes over the next few years. However, Mr Walusimbi remains unconvinced, saying that he has been made ‘hollow pledges’ before.


  1. Dear Jersey Evening Post

    We the African peasant women used clothing sellers want to appeal to you to use your power to ask Michelle yuksel of Parisma to give us our money due us. We ordered used clothing through our contact Mrs Okoro and she paid Michelle Yuksel of parisma money for 40ft container. She loaded rubbish clothings for us in half of what we ordered and promise to pay us back the balance she did not load.

    Since 2010 we have been begging Michelle Yuksel of parisma our balance and till dateshe has not paid us. Please we the Africans women of low retailing are appealing to your news paper to beg Michelle Yuksel to give us our money back, Because of the money she is holding some of our children are no more in schools and have gone to the streets to do petty petty trading. If you need the full transactions and emails she wrote promising to refund the money we will send to you-


    1. Anon above, this site is not the JEP, the Jersey Evening Post will never help you get your money back as they support the corrupt and rotten government who quite happily steal from poor people all the time. I simply used this article to express the kind of theft that goes on in Jersey and the collaboration in closing issues such as this. I wish I could help you but I'm afraid your money has long gone, along with the thieves who stole it.