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Friday, 4 October 2013

"Deputy Higgins Demanding Accountability From The 'Jolly' Brigade"

Party Conferences: How much?

Questions are being asked about the cost of sending Jersey politicians to the UK's three main political party conferences.

Deputy Mike Higgins (St Helier No 3) is asking Chief Minister Ian Gorst for a full break down - per individual - for ministers and civil servants attending conferences this year.

Chief Minister Gorst is also being asked to disclose the duration of each stay at the conferences; the hotel, flights and entertainment costs for each person attending, and whether any participants were accompanied by their spouses or partners?

In recent years both Jersey and Guernsey political leaders have attended the annual conferences of the Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat parties in an effort to educate UK politicians and party leaders about the role the islands play in the world of financial services.


  1. Go mike,you speak for lots and lots of us.....

  2. Mike is in touch with the islanders, and can organise an air show. Most States members have trouble organising themselves, and are spineless.

    Go for it deputy, you are not a progressive, you are just a sensible politician with a moral compass. Every time they refuse to answer your questions or waffle, the blogs and public get more evidence.

  3. Ian.

    As you will remember, Deputy Higgins, is not afraid to SPEAK UP.