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Monday, 28 October 2013

"Cyber Bullying - Young People Should Be Protected - That's Rich Coming From Le Marquand!"

"Child Abuse Cover Up Expert - Ian Le Marquand - On Protecting Children - PMSL"

Skippy Le Marquand & his Wiltshire report! LOL

Fruitcake Le Marquand and his kangaroo courts have done everything possible to stop the prosecution of government employed child abusers in Jersey, how is it that he now expresses a profound wish to protect children?

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  1. Andy Sibcy the J.E.P's new Editor in waiting is already following in Bright's mould by not allowing comments on this thorny surprises there then,but it must be said what ever happened to personal responsibility,and yes we know it is alleged that a suicide in the U.S was attributed to Social media or is it anti social media.where were her parents re assuring her that she was in fact o.k. why was she not stopped from daily dosing herself on this grew up before the internet and were either in with the in crowd or doing their own thing,where are the teachers and youth leaders who should re assure that net gossip is trash that is not worthy of them...if I go to a pub and the regulars tell me I am not welcome or a prat..I am at liberty to go elsewhere...anything said about one is either true or false,if it is true...I may adjust what I do...if it is false why would I let it live in my head rent free.....if it disturbs you ...turn the F***er off..!!!