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Thursday, 3 October 2013

"Curtis Warren - The Nonsense Continues"

Telephone box ban for Warren on release?

Curtis Warren on his way to court in Jersey in 2009
DRUGS baron Curtis Warren could be banned from using telephone boxes and having more than one bank account on his release from prison in January in a move aimed at crippling his criminal empire.
An application has been made to the High Court of England and Wales to impose the restrictions on Warren, who was jailed for 13 years in 2009 over a £1m plot to smuggle cannabis into Jersey.
Lawyers for the Serious Organised Crime Agency want to prevent the notorious criminal from using more than one mobile phone or bank account and prevent him from making calls from telephone boxes or kiosks.


  1. Matthew Jowitt still has many questions to answer for his involvement in stitching up the three cops in this case. Will he answer them?

    1. Of course not, he is too busy stitching up Kanetech at the minute!

  2. I've heard what he is doing in the magistrates court with those 2 local brothers, its disgusting.

    Magistrate Shaw and Matthew Jowitt: 2 criminals are well suited.

    Apparently the 2 bothers asked for the case to be dismissed on a number of reasons in law, they were cautioned 30 months ago, and charged 16 months ago so they asked for the case to be dismissed as the prosecution are abusing them in court.

    The Magistrate didn't allow it and blamed the 2 litigant in person brothers for delaying the case, EVEN THOUGH THE PROSECUTION CHANGE THE CHARGES FOR THE 2ND TIME ONLY A WEEK AGO !

    Magistrate Shaw is going to have to answer some very awkward questions on this case.

  3. If I were Jowitt or Shaw I would be watching every move I make when Curtis gets out, their lives will always be in fear and the rest of the people who did not give him a fair trial. I don't like Drug Barons! but everyone has the right to a fair trial no matter who or what they have done.

  4. What about using illegal evidence to against Warren ??

    Warren wont forget about him, something Jowitt will surely learn one day.

    Shame he thought Daddy William Baillache would look after him .

  5. The law was broken in 4 countries,the man imported exactly nothing...13 years,having a Tiger by the tail comes to mind,the local authorities thought they would steal/reappropriate his millions..and they got it all wrong...I would not want to be in some folks shoes who thought they could rip him off,,,many top grade hitmen out there that he can afford easily, .those who tried to stiff him....want to think seriously about their moves...this is one man who they simply do not scare at all,but they should all be scared of him..Valdez is coming.

  6. Uh ,"Excuse me Mr warren sir ,i am pc plod ..err um you are not allowed to use this phone Sir,.....Snap....silence.

  7. PC…… You say you are in Jersey visiting friends Mr Warren ,

    Warren……….Yea thats right.

    PC…..I see your driving a hire car, have you been drinking alcohol ?

    Warren….. Have you ?