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Saturday, 12 October 2013

"Curtis Warren Case Is Only Jersey's Second Biggest Drugs Case!!!"

"Thinking About £1M of Drugs Gets You 13 Years
Importing £3M of Drugs Gets You 8 Years"

No one should be prosecuted for Cannabis, Cannabis cures, Cannabis makes you think deeply, Cannabis makes you reason, and Cannabis makes you happy and peaceful.

Everything the Government doesn't want for society.

"Governments thrive, and Big Pharma and Corporate Entities make trillions when the people are sick, enslaved and hostile, Cannabis is their greatest fear."

Without going into any more detail, please just use the labels at the foot of the posting to find out why the above statement is so true. I will be touching on the main reason in my last posting of the day :)

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  1. Thanks to this drugs bust lots of people are going to suffer in pain with loads of diferent ailments so well done jersey customs and thanks for nothing. Grrrrrrr

  2. The variation of these sentences are beyond bizarre. 18 months for unknowingly helping to launder money? Jersey's main industry is knowingly laundering money.

  3. Asked a friend of my mothers when I was a kid living in London, your Mick deals in cannabis you both smoke it as well, is it harmless and a just high for fun. she told me yes.

    My next question was do you think, cannabis is harmless.

    After much thought and silence, the dealers lady looked at me and said no never use it.


    Because it has a kick and is magical, but as you use it, the kick wears off.

    Then you look for the same kick using other drugs and then your fucked seriously.

    1. Aaah yes, the usual propaganda that is put about....Remember, nobody forces anybody to take drugs, it is a choice, just like smoking, drinking, paying for sex, etc etc. I know many many people who have taken cannabis for most of their lives, none of them are ill, none of them are miserable, none of them are violent, they simply enjoy doing what they do. Furthermore, none, that I am aware, have gone on to use other substances. So when someone tells me that it leads to more harmful things and all the rest of the crap, I tend to sit here and giggle. If it's not for you, fine, but no one should push their skewed and unsubstantiated beliefs on others, especially when they haven't even taken a toke!

      You should convey your message to all those with debilitating illnesses that the worlds oldest medicine has made bearable, or the countless cancer victims that hemp has cured, I'm sure they would giggle too :)

    2. i am an alchoholic which started by drinking water when i was young

    3. An excellent point anon :)

  4. Agreed Ian, no doubt it helps in some cases, and makes the illness bearable. Pain is a terrible affliction. I like a few beers, but as I said above the conversation was and is real.

    I guess we choose which road and direction we want to go.

    Take care big fella, and keep up the good work.

    1. Indeed, the road we travel is ours only. My main point as always is that this plant cures just about everything, it grows naturally, and cannot be patented and that is the sole reason these bastards have made it illegal, for profit!!!

    2. In fact, if you want to understand just how feared govenment's are of Cannabis, it's healing properties and it's capacity to get people thinking clearly, you only need read the article published yesterday.