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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"Curtis Warren Blackmail Price Tag Goes Up To £200Million"

"What Price Justice In Jersey?"


  1. Six Jurats are going to decide on the alleged stash confiscation!? That must put Mr. Warren's mind at ease!

    1. Hahaha, that was very well put across anon :)

  2. So finally here it is the unvarnished truth in black and white.: The States of Jersey are exactly like the character "OMAR" in ' The Wire' a chancer who robs drug dealers....The SOJ broke laws in 4 countries the man did not import enough to make a spliff...and all along they just intended not be surprised if some of them take a ' hit'

  3. ''However, Judge Sir Christopher Pitchers rejected both submissions, saying that the first was irrelevant to the proceedings and that Warren could, if he wished, request that the matter be referred back to the Court of appeal or raise it as part of a pending jucicial review of the case. He dismissed the second on the basis that the complaints were unfounded''

    if yo dont like it refer it back, to the Court of appeal or raise it later and unfounded question, unfounded complaint, irrelevant is the go to answer used in the States chamber and court.

    The relevance depends on which side of the fence you sit.

    The questioner or questioned.

  4. Can I point out Ian, that a lot of people have missed the stupidy of a farce of justice.

    Prosecuting Syvret, Crown Prosecuter was guess who ? Steven Baker, at of course great cost to the taxpayer.

    Defending Curtis Warren evidenced scum drug dealer and leading criminal a certain Steven Baker the one and the same at great cost to the Jersey tax payer plays the game.

    This lawyer has no concience, morals just a big bank balance. The latest hearing will take three weeks.

    There is something sick with a system that screws a Jersey Hero, and defends a drug baron using the same lawyer, who says the police in mob force were right to arrest a politician and steal data and communication from constituents, and in the next court case defending Warren Baker call's the Jersey police criminals and that the court is wrong using its powers to trap someone who does not have £200 Million to keep him inside, or so he says. But even so !

    Steven Baker along with his bosses at the Crown Judiciary are a money grabbing disgrace, how can this be real justice.

  5. yea ok here is the goulash im sorry let me out now please