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Sunday, 27 October 2013

"Chief Minister Gorst Forging Ahead To Find Government's Crooks Of The Future"

Finding the next generation of civil servant leaders

Jersey's government has revealed plans to identify the next generation of senior civil servants.

A project to find successors to lead key government departments is now on, especially for posts considered the hardest to fill.

They're the people who run the hospitals, schools and the benefits system.

Jersey's Chief Minister has revealed a comprehensive succession plan to spot future top civil servants, with training programmes in place to get them the skills they need.

It's all to make sure the most talented people are running the island.

Senator Ian Gorst says within the next year there should be a more consistent plan in place for every single government department.

"The Most Talented People?"


Talent hey? Let us have a quick look at the talent we already have.


We have the most incompetent clowns in the British isles running the hospital, those people that are paid 3 or 4 grand a week to man all those essential type writers that save peoples lives. We have people who think starving people to death is appropriate behaviour.

We have heads of departments pushing extremely toxic vaccines on adults and children whilst declaring that "there have been no major safety issues" with the vaccines.

We also had a leading Jersey doctor telling the residents of Jersey that we getting cancer is our own fault.

Overdale hospital also still employs one of the islands most prolific and degenerate child abusers who enjoys burning, punching, kicking, stabbing and raping little boys.

We have other decision makers closing wards because of infectious bacteria strains when all that is required is to clean the wards with warm water and ionic colloidal silver. NO germ or virus can withstand colloidal silver, and they know it....Their mandate is to keep people sick and reliant on pharmaceutical poisons, they know that Big Pharma drugs don't cure you but simply bring some relief from the symptoms of illness.


Where do we start? How about with one of the top good old boys in Education that is a known violent child abuser who was at it for years, abetted by the pinball wizzard.

Perhaps we might interest our readers with the imbecile who called for a ban on school jumpers being used as goal posts at break times because jumpers are dangerous!

Then we had school milk being banned for children.

Then Jersey hit the all time low of having the worst exam results in the UK.

By far the worst failing in general terms is the utter garbage kids are taught at school, worthless crap like history which we now know to be false. The never ending reliance on computers to do the work of the children's brains, rendering them incapable of even addition or subtraction without electronic assistance of some description. Whilst in the mean time said technologies are hammering their bodies and brains with electromagnetic radiation.

Schools need to turn back the clock and revive the trivium and quadrivium engaging kids into right brain thinking instead of concentrating on left brain brainwashing. They need to introduce and encourage much more sport and other physical activities, and certainly start teaching about nutrition and how the body functions. Half of Jersey school kids are that fat they couldn't run 100 yds these days!

They should also introduce mandatory martial arts and self defence classes, notwithstanding the amount of paedophiles in Jersey, we also have a number of policemen who enjoy beating defenceless children, and also our C.E.O of Education who derives great pleasure from slamming kids off walls and punching them full on in the face.

Or perhaps we should just leave matters to the P.E teacher at  Le Rocquier school to train the children in how to shoot people in the face with a pistol?

"Benefits System"

This area of government is desperately in need of life support, wrongfully making poor people even poorer, anxious & depressed, ashamed, starving people, and in some cases pushing them close to, if not all the way to suicide.

Employees of Social Security are always encouraged to think corporately (save money) and even to lie to claimants about their entitlements when faced with illness or unemployment. Unless claimants know exactly what information or rights to ask for, and in the correct grammatical context, they will be fobbed of with nonsense which they have no method of establishing is actually correct.

These people take months to make simple decisions that any compassionate human being should know is the right and proper decision to make. Yet all the Social Security movers and shakers seem to want to do is force claimants into even more contractual obligations without their knowledge or understanding of what is really going on.

What people should remember is that Social Security is an entitlement, and not a benefit or privilege. It is governments duty to look after the people as that is governments sole function, to manage and distribute fairly the wealth of the peoples assets for and on behalf of the people.


The government pigs at the trough of public money strip the people of their assets and wealth while divvying it out amongst themselves and their friends. Golden handshakes for covering up child abuse, gold plated pensions for other criminals who have done the Oligarchy bidding over the years. Siphoning off funds without ever getting caught because of the utter lack of accountability to the people who own this wealth....US!!!

When we were born the government tricked our parents into contracting with them on our behalf via the birth certificate, government then used this paper to float bonds for loans with the guarantee of our lifetime labour as security for the loans.

They did this thinking that no man would ever work it out, but men did work it out.

And they don't like that too much!!!

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