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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"Bigot & Child Rapist Protector Phil Rondel Wants Shot Of Romanians"

Calls for a cap on Romanian immigrants

There are calls for a cap on the number of Romanians moving to Jersey.

Constable Phil Rondel wants to see the government introduce a limit after it emerged there are currently more than 800 Romanian nationals living in the island.

The Assistant Chief Minister Senator Paul Routier says there are no plans for a cap, and he's also dismissed calls for all immigrants to be forced to speak English.

A number of questions were raised in today's States debate after it was revealed, earlier this month, that there are currently 807 Romanian nationals living in Jersey.

Constable Rondel is not impressed with the Assistant Chief Minister's response, arguing more needs to be done to limit the number of people moving to the island.

He dismissed his comments could be seen as xenophobic, arguing it was about the island's economic and social well-being.

In my humble opinion, we would be better off with an extra 10,000 Romanians rather than one States Constable who protects child rapists.

How is it that Rondel is only singling out Romanians? 


  1. In one respect, Rondel is right, there is more than enough "dirt cheap" labour in Jersey, used and abused by the capatist bastards in order to maximise their profits, nothing is more important to them.
    I suspect however that Rondel is very aware of the forthcoming elections

  2. He is right, and Routier the yes man, just wants more and more people in the island to buy cloths from his shop and is a pilot and completely wrong.

    Have you not noticed Jersey is creaking under the population it has now, loads being low earners who pay no tax, and 3000 unemployed.

    Bringing in a few ships more is going to do what exactly ?

    1. sex toys for ceartin people thats what they are

  3. Like you Ian I don't think Rondel is worth a crap, However it is the nature of many Romanians to be trouble 80% of all crime in central London last year were Romanians...just get this excess of 28Thousand cases involving violence and robbery...they are also running a Girl trafficking whilst I do not support Phat Phil...I support a cap.

  4. no problem locals have a better life on the sick let them have the work