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Friday, 25 October 2013

"Analysing The Garbage Jersey Talk"

Care report released

A report into how young people are treated in care in Jersey has been released today.

It has been carried out by an independent organisation called the Care Inspectorate, who investigate how care, social work and child protection can be improved.

The report makes the following conclusions:

On the plus side:

The Children's Policy Group has set a clear direction for children's services in Jersey.
You what! There wasn't clear direction already in place?

The Children's Services Improvement Plan has been successful in bringing about a number of important improvements in the way services are provided.
Like what?

There is increased confidence in the strategic leadership and greater understanding of the strategic direction for Children's Services and corporate responsibilities for looked after children and young people.
Someone has expressed some confidence, so what?

Encouraging improvements have been made in the physical environments of children's houses and the training provided to residential care staff.
What improvements? Painting a room is an improvement.

Individual children and young people have a greater say regarding their care, and they feel involved and enthusiastic about this.
No examples given!

But areas of improvement are needed by: 

Ensuring better ways are developed to gather accurate information about the difference services are making to the lives of children and young people.
Try asking them!

Continuing to involve children and young people in meaningful ways in the development and continuous improvement of services in the future.
One would have thought this would be a mandatory obligation yet it is listed as an area for improvement!

Reviewing how provision of high quality residential care could be improved.
Again, one would have thought this would be a mandatory requisite.


It all reads very nicely doesn't it, but as per usual, Cover Up TV has told us absolutely nothing whilst using a whole page of spiel to do it. Another extremely vague and incoherent crock of meaningless jibber jabber to fool the masses into a sense of reassurance on the child protection issue.

They have told us absolutely nothing.


  1. What does the report say about a suspected child abuser being the head of education?

    1. What on earth do you mean....(suspected)?

  2. Hi Ian,

    Will you permit some old news on your site?

    Extract from

    The photographs issued by Senator Mike Vibert were calculatedly misleading. The concerns we had been expressing focused on how it had been possible to treat children in this way for years previously – and with what had been the wretched condition of the cells. They had been painted about two years ago with colourful murals on the walls, and what used to be a “gymnasium-style crash-mat” (eye-witness testimony) on the floor as the only bedding, had been replaced with wooden platform beds. So whilst the cells were still an utter disgrace – an attempt was made to spin their appearance into something good by using a few colour photos of the bright murals.

    And it is here that the Data Protection breach arose. These photos were widely distributed by e-mail – and our old friend the Jersey Evening Post even printed one in full-colour on its front page.

    However – in a profoundly serious breach of confidentiality, clearly visible in the photo were the names of four previous child inmates who had signed the mural which they had painted.

    The gravity of this breach cannot be over-stated. It breaches the rights of a minor to privacy; it reveals to the world the fact that they had been inmates at a secure child offender institution – and it breaches the legal constraint upon publishing the identities of minors involved with the criminal justice system.

    Breaches just don’t get much more serious.

    The response of the Data Protection Commissioner to a complaint made to her by a highly professional social worker? “No breach”.

    Funny that – isn’t it. You know – how every single complaint made by the Jersey Oligarchy gets upheld – and truly shocking complaints made by anti-establishment individuals always get dismissed?