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Saturday, 12 October 2013

"A Novel New Way To Steal Your DNA"

"Unregulated Company Wants Your Blood, How Many Sheep Will Follow?"

Other than swiping your DNA, what is the point of all this?

Ok, you get a result the next day, so what? It takes months for the Jersey hospital to even get you started on a course of (what they call) treatment, where's the benefit?

You have absolutely no idea what they will do with your blood (DNA) or who they will share your info with. You have also to trust that they will not misdiagnose your sample or recommend Big Pharma drugs you don't even need.

Is this another ploy, just like ObamaCare, to get everyone signed up to healthcare insurance (in America $500 a month) saving the State a fortune, making the corporations a kings ransom whilst extracting every piece of information about you in the process!

Ask yourselves this, will this unregulated private company be liable for any cock-ups?

Or will they be exempt from prosecution, just like all the worlds big vaccine and pharmaceutical companies?

Wakey Wakey Sheeple!!!


  1. What is going on here. The Hospital has a fully staffed path lab, Helen O'Shea says this, but a firm from the UK works here also. Getting mixed messages, what is the article actually about ? Who is paying the UK firm ? is this because the hospital blood lab is to slow ? or to expensive with masses of overtime.

  2. There is NO such thing as FREE.....