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Monday, 21 October 2013

"A Little More From Dean Clifford"

"The Scam"

Greetings to all who are interested in attending the up and coming seminar in Hamilton on the 23rd and 24th November 2013. Updates can be viewed here:

We are pleased to announce the seminar tickets purchasing page is now active. As you are all aware Dean and company have been busy behind the scenes creating an event to remember.

Day one, of this two day event, will cover the expansive knowledge Dean has acquired over 17 years of study into, Law, the court system, the legal person, and how each of those affect our everyday dealings with the government. Dean's strength lies in explaining advanced concepts, with sound analogies, and logical reasoning, allowing the newest and oldest members that have joined the Law Movement to come away with a deep understanding of the fundamental principles.

Day two will open with questions and answers with Dean on the previous days teachings, should the information of over 17 years' worth of study not have been retained straight away! The day will continue with special guests to be announced and ending with the divestment project Dean is working on, discussing which we will be taking things to the next level.

In addition, all tickets purchased will issue the buyer 1 month free subscription to the forum per ticket sold. Prizes will be awarded to a lucky few individuals that include, a fishing trip with Dean, Consultation time, merchandise, and additional member access to the forum and media. Details on this will be announced later this month.

If you already have an account, please login via:§ion=login

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via here:§ion=lostpass

Once you are logged in and you wish to purchase a ticket(s), please visit:

The "Tickets" page on the forum page has detailed instructions on how to purchase your ticket.

Once your purchase has been made, congratulations you have just bought a fundamental piece in your personal development in become a free being! :)

Please allow 1-2 business days for a conformation email to be sent with your reservation code.

You can also view your purchase after this grace period under the same tab where your transactional details will be displayed.

There are 2 other smaller seminars to be announced soon also in Edmonton and Matlock which will occur after the Hamilton seminar.

All funds raised are going to a great cause and will help aid in producing more educational media, building our services as well as help build communities for a better tomorrow where our inherit rights will be protected.

Sincerely yours,
the team.

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