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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"40 Watts Maclean - Not shining so brightly"

Jersey unemployment at new record high

Senator Alan Maclean said investment in the economy by the government was heping
"Heping"? WTF is heping?

Unemployment in Jersey is at its highest level since records began, according to a new report.
The annual report by the States Statistics Unit found 5.7% unemployment or about 3,200 people.
Economic Development Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, said the situation would be worse but for capital investment, but it was priority for ministers.
Senator Maclean said the island was doing well compared to the UK at 7.7% and France at 11%.
"Since 2010 we have put £144m into stimulating the economy through the stabilization fund. We have also put £300m into capital projects to boost the construction industry.
"You could argue if we had not made that investment, if we had not put those schemes in place the levels would be even higher."
The report looks at employment levels in the public and private sectors and found there were an extra 150 people in the public sector in 2013 compared to 2012.
The public sector workforce is the largest to date with about 7,000 employees.
Senator Maclean said he would be calling on fellow ministers to keep a closer eye on staffing levels.
"I have to admit I was surprised by the number of jobs the public sector has created, it was higher than expected and higher than I would like to have seen.
"In Economic Development we have reduced our headcount and an internal vacancy management system across the States as a whole would help," he said.

WTF does Alan Maclean know about life?

This moronic idiot thinks that paper money, gold, and silver will sustain himself and his family when the shit hits the fan.

Well, good luck to you and your family Mr Maclean, chewing on chunks of silver and gold, trying to digest paper promissory notes for sustenance, I would pay a dollar to see that you fucking dipstick!!!

Truth is, when the shit really hits the fan, no matter how better you think you are than the average Joe, if there is no food or water, you are going to fucking starve to death, same as the rest of us worthless shyte, it's a given!!!


  1. This twat should be thrown bodily out the door of Govt,he is STILL letting outsiders trade here and doing nothing about them or white van men nicking work from those who live here and pay Tax and social,his mealy mouthed splutterings are those of a privileged idiot who plays at Govt, for something to do,he is not worth a wank and we pay the fool to boot GRRRRRR...!!!

  2. The figure was just under 2,000 at the beginning of 2013, this means 1000 more including school leavers, bakery, JEC, tiling company ex employees all hunting work.

    Then States really take control by agreeing to the wishes of the Bailiff to have a party. The sum mentioned was only £23,000. This was obviously not big enough or expensive enough so they invited a minor, minor mini Windsor member so they could spend more and have more pomp ceremony and brown nosing, to be loyal and good servants.

    What was the real final cost with police overtime, helicopter hire ?

    Obviously to any person with half a brain, crawling on stomachs to please the boss who hands out the jobs. They even decide how much they are going to pay themselves and spend islanders hard earned cash on sh** parties for themselves why the unemployed lose sleep on how to pay to survive, and the number of jobs for the boys in the States increases by three a week.

    Don't vote, then keep your trap shut, I always vote, and will get them out in twelve months time.

    Pissed of, decent hardworking bloke, who's had enough of we are OK mate screw you.