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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"Why Can't The Laboratory Work Be Done During The Normal Working Week?"

Senior scientists get £35,000 in

overtime alone

The average earning for a senior laboratory scientist in Jersey’s hospital doing overtime is around £36,000, on top of their £47,000 salary.

Because of the extent of this cost, Jersey's Health department have decided to employ UK scientists who are cheaper.

Once new staff are trained up, it will save the department more than £40,000 a year.

The Out Of Hours service has been costing HSSD £620,000 a year.

A few week's back, the hospital's management team proposed a different offer but 18 Out Of Hours staff unanimously rejected it.

HSSD believes the current service provides accurate care but is old fashioned in terms of delivery and extremely expensive when compared to similar services on the mainland.

The Out Of Hours service provides diagnostic tests at night and at weekends, ensuring round-the-clock access to emergency laboratory test results.

1 comment:

  1. This is basically blood.

    The most important fluid.

    Car crash at three in the morning, lab tech. called in because injured person needs drugs / operation badly hurt. Blood tells so much about the bodies makeup and personal profile. Thus call a tech in to analyse.

    What I don't get is there are not to many serious night time emergencies on this small island. So why the overtime ? Could it be the gravy train syndrome whereby the day work is slowed down through greed, and then then the night shift takes over to catch up on overtime.

    Pryke is actually right for once, an out side brain has been brought in to report on the department. Then they have to deal with the greedy family who don't want to let the get rich system be modified.

    Its taxpayers money morons.