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Thursday, 26 September 2013

"Voting Won't Change Anything - It Never Has!"

Jersey government to debate further voting reforms

The Jersey parishes of St John, St Mary and Trinity could lose their States deputies from next year, if voting reforms are approved in November.
The Privileges and Procedures Committee has submitted proposals to redistribute parish representation and reduce the number of senators from 10 to six.
If approved, the changes would come into effect in time for the next General Election in October 2014.
At that election, voters would also face a referendum on further reform.
This would ask - in a simple yes or no format - whether the present system of senators, connétables and deputies should be replaced by a single category of States members, elected by district.
Currently, 10 senators are elected on an island-wide basis, while the 12 individual parishes choose one connétable each.
In addition, 29 deputies are chosen by the parishes - or areas within parishes - to represent them.

Current / proposed distribution of deputies

  • St Helier 10 / 13
  • St Saviour 5 / 5
  • St Brelade 3 / 3
  • St Lawrence 2 / 1
  • St Clement 2 / 3
  • St Mary 1 / 0
  • St John 1 / 0
  • Trinity 1 / 0
  • St Martin 1 / 1
  • St Ouen 1 / 1
  • Grouville 1 / 1
  • St Peter 1 / 1
The number of deputies representing each area is based on population figures from 40 years ago and has been shown to favour smaller parishes at the expense of more populous ones.
Public choice rejected
Once elected, connétables and deputies have identical voting rights.
In April, Jersey voters decided to back plans to do away with the role of senator, while electing 30 deputies in six large districts, along with 12 connétables.
However, the result was not binding on the States, which rejected the public's choice in July.
The winning option had received 8,190 votes, after a 26% turnout.
In its States report, published on Wednesday, the PPC said it believed "further reform is necessary after 2014 and the retention of the senatorial position for the next elections may therefore prove to be nothing more than a transitional arrangement".

"A Few Ways To Change Things"

How can the insanity of the bankers and financial collapse be avoided?

So how can a global economic system that puts people and not an idol called money at its heart be implemented quickly and effectively to avoid complete collapse? How can employment be increased in a meaningful way?

The steps are straight forward. But it requires the resolve of senior religious and political leaders.  Here are the ten steps to implementing a new global economic system within one hundred and forty four days – remembering that everything I am about to list will be resisted by the scorpions, or argued by their agents as technically impossible:

Step #1-Require all public officials to properly swear public oaths to the Declaration of Independence or similar document edifying the Golden Rule and Rule of Law and have such proper oaths recorded on the public record so that they are subject to fiduciary law and not as agents, to be done by every politician, every office holder, every prosecutor, every judge, every magistrate, every sheriff, etc. If officials do not operate under proper oaths, then they are neither officials nor is there any Rule of Law; and

Step #2-Repeal all laws granting immunity to officials, corporations, judges and politicians; and repeal those laws because those laws are contrary to the laws that give them authority. If a government has a law granting immunity from prosecution, it is contrary to Motu Proprio and the Golden Rule; and

Step #3-Restore all statutes against frauds and treason that ensured public officials cannot commit fraud, cannot steal and cannot get away with committing treason against their own people and get away with it; and

Step #4-Nationalize all bank account numbers, to then be created and administered by each county/council and then state so that account numbers become a public asset, so that each branch of government has a master list and banks only rent use of such accounts to provide commercial services. Furthermore, that no man or woman may be denied an account from which to buy and sell and live. This removes more than 50% of the power of private and commercial banks, eliminates fraud and forces banks to be accountable; and

Step #5-Nationalize all bank account clearance transactions so that no company may own the transactions themselves between bank accounts. This removes more than 40% of the power of private and commercial banks. When combined with Step #4, it allows any county, or city or state or nation to continue trading even if commercial banks collapse or seek to obstruct the interests of the community; and

Step #6-Repeal all laws granting private control of annuities (cestui que vie trusts and estates) created against citizens and return them to public administration away from private corporations including ensuring the benefits of such annuities are returning to the people as originally intended when created in 1791; and

Step #7-Create public central banks, that cannot be privatized using the annuities of the people as the assets to back a public currency and phase out all privately issued currencies for publicly backed currencies. You don’t have to change the designs of existing currencies, but merely create public banks that are not owned by private individuals and families; and use the public assets that are returned from having been stolen by the private people and allow that publicly backed money to be circulated without interest being charged to the people by the private bankers who profit through the stealing of the energy of the public; and

Step #8-Outlaw the bar associations creating financial instruments on court cases (such as bonds) and ensuring all officers of law have clean hands; and

Step #9-Outlaw commercial banks fractionalizing currency (creating currency out of thin air); and

Step #10-Outlaw commercial banks directly owning real property and restore clean hands policy for banks in financial transactions.

These ten steps would immediately and positively transform the economies of every nation on planet Earth. It would herald a restoring of balance without any banker feeling threatened that they will be dragged into the streets and hung up for their transgressions.

These ten steps are moral, they are perfectly attuned to Divine Will and are necessary steps. Whether or not people will respond only time will tell.

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  1. Wonderful Ian,problem is it is FAIR,,,,crooks do not want FAIR